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Hunting event conducted by Black clover guild

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Welcome to Black Clovers first hunting event. The event will start on July 23rd 00:00 AM GMT and end on Aug 6th 00:00 AM GMT. Sign ups will be 20k Per Person. We had put some thought into this and had to think what would be fair to everyone and that everyone would be able to sell and profit off of. The pokemon we are going with is Bulbasaur! The rewards and point system are down below. Only 1 submission is allowed.You must be the OT. If you submit your pokemon and try to switch it or change your submission, it will result in a DQ. To submit your pokemon head to Saffron City and take a picture showing its caught date by interacting with the caught data tracker.

Forms: Shiny +20 points
Natures: Bold or Modest : +5 points
Ivs: Each individual iv is considered +1 point. 
Bonus points: IF hidden power is ice or fire. +5 points

Rewards top 5 only. 
1. 1.2m and 10 Rare Candy
2. 600k and BMS
3. Coin Capsule
4. 200k and Master Ball
5. 150k

Good Luck hunting. I hope everyone catches some crazy epic pokes to keep or sell. Overall everyone make sure to have fun and enjoy the game.


Person to contact in discord to register for the event:


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