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I lost all my pokemons because i was doing sceptillite quest

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So i transfered from gold so i can have less crashes but i forgot that i was doing the sceptillite quest and i cant get any of my pokemons
Staff please respond


I'm Banned right now so if anyone doesn't see me in game
pls just wait for me to get Unbanned (Hopefully)

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I cant come back to get my items because i need surf HM to get to spiritomb but spiritomb has my surf HM So i cant get my items


STAFF please... respond

I'm Banned right now so if anyone doesn't see me in game
pls just wait for me to get Unbanned (Hopefully)

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Hello @DaOneDestroyer, unfortunately stuff related with bugs is not handled by moderators, but for the game developers. You will have to give time for one to answer. When you make a thread remember to give 24 hours time after your last reply, then you should reply in the post if there has not been an answer. Also, we moderators are intended to give attention in threads and not in private messages. Please avoid contacting a staff this way unless they are willing too. It really depends in the type of role they got, moderators dont take PM's to avoid spam. Again regarding your issue please be patient and a dev will help you when available.

Take care!


Do not contact staff for random topics or appealing, use the correct place for that in Forums

Any kind of violations of rules will be taken care of as it should according to PRO Rules,

do not try to get burned off by them!

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Hi @DaOneDestroyer,

Apologize for the inconvenience and late respond, your issue has been forwarded to the CS team to look for a solution, thanks for reporting and have a good day. 





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General Support | Bugs Report Center | PRO Rules

Do not contact staff members for private support. Share your questions on the forums as they could be useful to others.

Unsolicited private messages will be fed to the shark.



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Hi @DaOneDestroyer, terribly sorry for the inconvenience and the late delay!


Figuring out what exactly you had lost took a lot more time than we would have wanted to, but we finally found the solution.


I've created two NPCs, since various players seem to be stuck at different places. Talk to whichever one is accessible to you.


The first NPC is a Clamperl located in the south-west of Cursed Keystone Grotto, next to the water.



The second NPC is also a Clamperl, located at the southmost place you can reach from Sootopolis' Pokemon Center without the use of Surf, also next to the water. This is the one you'll want to talk to if you talked to the Mantine and were taken back to Sootopolis City.



Talking to one of these Clamperls will restore your entire inventory that you had lost when entering Spiritomb's Soul.



Let us know if you were able to receive your inventory, and if anything's missing!



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