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LEVEL / EV SERVICE - Xdxetreme10

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Welcome to my Ev service shop


 Too tired, don't have enough time or you're just too comfortable on your couch to train EVs? Don't worry, i'm your man.



Prices EV Service


· Pkm lvl 20+ 252 EVs  - 20k 

· Pkm lvl 20+ 510EVs -  38k

        · Pkm under lvl 20 252 EVs - 25k

     · Pkm under lvl 20 510 EVs - 40k



Level Service (Day Care)


Tank: approx $90,000 

Sweeper: approx $70,000


How to contact me? 


ING (In game) - Xdxetreme10

  Discord - i am Chrollo#1131


Hugs to everyone



Dialga GIF ;) | Pokemon sprites, Pokemon, Deadpool pikachu


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