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[Silver Server] Genesis ( Looking for Family Members )


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Be one of an elite PRO guild which consists of members with high dedication to be the best.

We are composed of two guilds one mainly for PvP ( Genesis ) and one mainly for PvE ( Reborn ).

Although the goals of the two guilds are different, we are all one family sharing the same Discord server.

We hope to build a family, something more than just a game community.




General Requirement: 

Be at least 18 years old

Be able to use Discord

Follow PRO ToS and Guild Rules

Don't be rude or offensive, but banter is welcomed


Discord Requirement:

1) Very Active in discord( we give emphasis in interactions within discord
2) Minimum rating requirement either in random either in pvp ranked .We organise events and giveaways pve and pvp ones sponsored by the largest bank in game
3) At least 200 hours of playtime
4) Also keep only Genesis and remove reborn and etc things related to Reborn, because we try build one guild-community






What's your in-game name?

How old are you?

Are you active in Discord?

Where are you from?

What's your total playtime?

What's your goal in PRO?

What do you enjoy while playing the game?

Why do you want to be part of the guild?

What's your favorite Pokemon and why?





We know that many of you lost motivation to play PRO.

We hope these services would help you guys a bit to gain motivation throughout playing the game.


Dex Service

Kanto : completed

Johto : completed

Hoenn : completed

Sinnoh : completed


Story & PvP Pokemon Lend

We lend pokemons to rush through the story or to enjoy PvP


Credit Coin System

This system is to reward the guild members whenever they contributed something for the guild.

Every contribution for the guild is converted into Credit Coins, which can be further used to buy something from the guild shop.

You can also keep them and wait, until we add something that you want in the guild shop.

Moreover, you can even sell or gift the Credit Coins to other members.


Note that this service is a permanent feature, not a temporary one.


Only guild members can participate

Do not use any kind of bots, script, or macros

You can trade Credit Coins for in-game stuffs

You always have to provide screenshots, that will be added to your logs

If you try to abuse the reward system, you will be excluded from the guild ( ex. fake screenshots )

It's not allowed to beg, or you'll lose all your Credit Coins


Failure to follow the rules will result in an immediate exclusion from the guild





In-house daycare: +2 Credit Coins full Evs, +1 Credit Coin for level service from 90-97 and additional +1 Credit Coin for full daycare

PVP points: +3 Credit Coins for each 100 points at the end of the season

Top 25 pvp ranked spot: +10 Credit Coins at the end of the season

First place in pvp ranked: +30 Credit Coins at the end of the season

Guild events: Will be discussed with management (We consider the work, prices and creativity)

Pokedex service: +1 Credit Coin for 10 pokemon, screenshot with the number of pokemon required







10 Credit Coins: Pokeball.png100x Pokeball

30 Credit Coins: Greatball.png100x Great Ball

60 Credit Coins: Ultraball.png100x Ultra Ball



1 Credit Coins: Airballoon.png Air Balloon, Focussash.png Focus Sash, PPup.png PP UP

3 Credit Coins: Rarecandy.png Rare Candy

5 Credit Coins: Grepaberry.png 10x Grepa Berry, Hondewberry.png 10x Hondew Berry, Kelpsyberry.png 10x Kelpsy Berry, Pomegberry.png 10x Pomeg Berry, Qualotberry.png 10x Qualot Berry, Tomatoberry.png 10x Tomato Berry

40 Credit Coins: Calcium.png10x Calcium, Carbos.png 10x Carbos, Hpup.png 10x HP Up, Iron.png 10x Iron, Protein.png 10x Protein, Zinc.png 10x Zinc



5 Credit Coins: Metalcoat.png Metal Coat, Deepseascale.png DeepSeaScale, Deepseatooth.png DeepSeaTooth, Dragonscale.png Dragon Scale, Moonstone.png Moon Stone, Razorclaw.png Razor Claw, Dawnstone.png Dawn Stone, Duskstone.png Dusk Stone,

Kingsrock.png Kings Rock, Prismscale.png Prism Scale, Protector.png Protector, Reapercloth.png Reaper Cloth, Shinystone.png Shiny Stone, Sunstone.png Sun Stone, Electirizer.png Electirizer, Magmarizer.png Magmarizer



5 Credit Coins: Leftovers.png Leftovers

10 Credit Coins: Focusband.png Focus Band, Hardstone.png Hard Stone, Magnet.png Magnet, Nevermeltice.png NeverMeltIce, Poisonbarb.png Poison Barb, Smoothrock.png Smooth Rock, Twistedspoon.png TwistedSpoon, Dragonfang.png Dragon Fang,

Quickclaw.png Quick Claw, quickpowder.png Quick Powder, Laggingtail.png Lagging Tail, Sharpbeak.png Sharp Beak, Blackglasses.png Black Glasses, Silkscarf.png Silk Scarf, Lightball.png Light Ball

25 Credit Coins: Eviolite.png Eviolite, Flameorb.png Flame Orb, Toxicorb.png Toxic Orb

45 Credit Coins:Lifeorb.png Life Orb

50 Credit Coins:Widelens.png Wide Lens

65 Credit Coins: Choiceband.png Choice Band, Choicescarf.png Choice Scarf, Choicespecs.png Choice  Specs, Assaultvest.png.7bf1c4bee3e20b091dbc5a544253eb74.png Assault Vest


Other items

Depends on the TM: tms.png Any available TM

5 Credit Coins:Revivalherb.png 4x Revival Herb

10 Credit Coins: Smokeball.png Smoke Ball, Soothebell.png Soothe Bell, Everstone.png Everstone, machobrace.png Macho Brace

17 Credit Coins: Repel.png 100x Repel

25 Credit Coins: Superrepel.png 100x Super Repel

35 Credit Coins: Maxrepel.png100x Max Repel

200 Credit Coins: Nature_Reroll_Ticket.png Nature Reroll Ticket, Coincapsule.png Coin Capsule

350 Credit Coins: Reroll_Ticket.png Reroll Ticket



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