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Zacian/Zamazenta Catch Times Not Ideal For Players In North America


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Allow another chance to catch Zacian/Zamazenta since the catch times were ridiculous for players in EST timezones. We only really had one chance to try and catch them (8am GMT = 4am EST which is ridiculous) and that chance was still in the mid of a work day (8pm GMT = 4pm EST). Allow another chance with a decent timeframe with our timezones in mind.

Do a better job with events like this in the future. 

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So basically, you couldn't do it both times they were made available, right?

to be honest I also wonder why it's not at the very least 4 chances (8AM then 8PM on the first chance, then 8AM and 8PM on the second chance, that way people who missed it on 8AM on the first chance can do it on 8AM again on the second chance, instead of having to wait all the way to 8PM, which in my timezone was like, 3AM in the morning, I literally had to stay up until 3AM on a weekday just to catch one Pokemon)

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what do you mean not ideal, 4 pm - 5 pm in the afternoon is prime time to catch it, if you didn't want to stay up until 4 am, like i did, then there's a perfect time right at the end of the afternoon for you to get it. I'm also in EST, and it worked fine for me.


If you're getting upset at only being given one time to catch it, you must realize why they were set 12 hours apart in the first place, logically that means that many other places also only had 1 time to catch it. So overall, no, i don't think another chance is needed. call it unjust considering i caught it, but i know many other north americans that have also caught it at that time

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You were given 2 weeks to prepare with a tag from Walross, and a tag 6 hours prior to being able to talk to the NPC. Please tell me that isn't enough time for you to get ready.









My timezone is EST, and I was perfectly fine. Please don't make it like you're speaking for every single person who's in that specific timezone, since you said, "the catch times were ridiculous for players in EST timezones."

I don't understand why you waited for a few days to make a thread like this, which really isn't suggesting anything, it's more of a complaint. Why didn't you make a suggestion thread before the gen 8 legendaries catch date, so that at least, "ThEy cAn dO A bEttEr jOb", or on a more serious note, look at the suggestion and reconsider, putting in more times, making it last longer, just as an example. Making a suggestion now and suggesting them to do a, "bEtTer jOb iN fuTuRe eVenTs" isn't going to help anyone, come on now.


Okay, let's say, for the sake of my argument, whoever's in staff that is in charge of creating and setting up the times gives us another chance and an additional date where you can catch Zacian or Zamazenta. Wouldn't that be unfair to the people who tried to get on during the first two times? People who woke up extra early, or people who got their devices ready and camped near the NPC beforehand, and simply logged in and spoke to the NPC so they can do it later. You ever thought of that? You don't actually have to answer the question, the answer is no.


Just like outbreaks and world quests, there's always going to be a bad time for someone. It sucks yeah, I know, but that's just how it is. You can make a new thread on what you think of World Quests, but my point here was, there is never going to be a perfect time.

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Ever heard of the best guild on Silver? No? Neither have I, but check out New Leaf anyways.

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