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Pitroipa's auction house

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my name is pitroipa and i have been playing pro since 2017 and have held many auctions ingame and on the forum over all these years. Now I combine all the auctions and put them in one store.



* All pokemon are available for a total of 72 hours after the first bid, then the highest bid wins.

* minimum bid is +10k

* once you set an offer you can't withdraw it.

* if you bid on a poke, pls add the name of the poke. for example: I offer xxpokedollar for (name of the poke


Other services/currencies:

You want me to sell a pokemon for you in my store? No problem. Write me ingame or on discord. my price is 5% of the profit, just tell me your starting bid and insta

I also accept: CC(380k), rc(7k), IV reroll(750k), nature reroll (375k)

Good luck and have fun bidding.


Startbid: 200k

Insta: 500k

current best offer: 200k by Agate



Startbid: 250k

Insta: 600k

current best offer:



Startbid: 80k

Insta: 200k

current best offer:




Startbid: 300k

Insta: 700k

current best offer:




Startbid: 70k

Insta: 200k

current best offer:




Startbid: 150k

Insta: 300k

current best offer:




Startbid: 400k

Insta: 900k

current best offer:




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@Pitroipa Please remove the possibility of bidding through Discord, as it is against the Auction Rules:




The last thread where you've held a lot of auctions simultaneously was obnoxiously confusing. If this is to work, there will have to be some changes in how you handle and manage your auction shop. Here are some tips which highly recommend you following:

  • Starting point
    • In order to have quick access and visibility of when an auction has started, when you see a starting offer, you will edit the opening post to insert its link in the "Startbid: XXXk". Example: Startbid: 200k.
  • Current offer
    • Every offer, in order to be valid, must have the name of the Pokemon included. Not mentioning the name of the Pokemon will make it so the bid is invalid and is not to be considered. As the auctioneer, you'll be responsible for keeping an eye on this and be the first line of enforcing it. Feel free to add this in your opening post with big letters so that the bidders are aware. With so many numbers thrown at the same time it very easily gets confusing and leads to misunderstandings. Mentioning the Pokemon should prevent those.
    • Optional: Same as the Starting point, you can edit the opening post to insert the link in "current best offer: YYYk". Example: current best offer: 1.6m.
  • Acknowledgement of the winner
    • Every trade you make with a winner must be screenshot and posted.
    • In case it was bought via Insta, the acknowledgement post must be linked in the opening post, like the previous parameters. Example: Insta: 2m.
    • If the winner didn't resort to Insta, the acknowledgement post is also to be linked in the opening post, and it can substitute "current best offer: YYYk". Example: Winner: 3m by Username
  • Renewal
    • Auctions finished must be hidden inside a spoiler at the end of your opening post. These must include:
      • Starting point post linked.
      • Acknowledgement of the winner post linked.
      • Screenshot of the Pokemon being auctioned.
    • Any new Pokemon added must be publicly announced with a post in this thread. It won't count as a bump in case you bumped less than 24 hours prior.
  • Self management
    • You are a very experienced auctioneer but you should know when enough is enough. More auctions running at the same time means much more investment from your part to ensure they run smoothly. You are always free to remove/cancelling auctions that haven't started if you start to feel overwhelmed. Don't push yourself, if you cannot handle what you've seeded, the thread will be locked due to conditions not being met to proceed with healthy auctioning.
    • As always, any doubt, concern or anything you need help and support, you can use the Report button under a post to contact Trade Moderators and we'll assist you.

Good luck in your auctions.

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