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Shiny Charmander (SOLD)

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Start Auction : 30m

Increase bid 500k

Accepted payment in cc=400k , reroll ivs ticket= 680k

Auction end time from start= 3days 

Edited by KimStarz



My Discord : ImSanchez#2836

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To clarify, the winner of this auction is @Zeh1 with the 31.5m offer. @KimStarz Please arrange a meeting with the winner and post a screenshot of the trade window when completing.

In the future, please ensure that you only have 1 active thread in a sub-forum, as instructed in the Trade Zone Rules:




You can either edit the active thread to insert the new sale, or close/cancel the active and create a new thread for the intended newly sale. Take care.

Edited by Eon
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  • KimStarz changed the title to Shiny Charmander (SOLD)

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