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I mistakely fight a Random match with Guildmate


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hey , i want to tell you that ,i mistakely fighted a match with my guildmate Hagemaru . I really dont know that the random queue is not fixed as like pvp queue ,due to which i queue a match with my guild mate , and i also dont know that the playing match with guildmate is illegal in randam same like pvp , 
so i want to tell you that i fighted that match only bu mistake , 
i dont want to do any rank boost in random , really If I had known, I would never have done this. pls dont ban my id .

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As Norex stated straightforwardly, doing ranked against friends/guildmates whatsoever, it’s never against the rules as long as you do it normally. What made you got banned few months ago must be some suspicious actions that happened during that battle, which i assume it’s all clear since we can see your name in white atm. 


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Hi there, As mentioned, it was never against the rules to battle a guild-mate as long as the match is carried out legitimately.


To be more precise -> 

  • Intentionally queuing against a user to aid yourself or another user in the form of Rating, PvP Coins, etc will be considered as Ranked Boosting and will be punished accordingly.

If your guild has a "queue/game (q/g)"-system in place and you still accidental match, please offer draws for the matches. If you disconnect or give the opponent a free win, this might be considered boosting. Every match is meant to be played out and not freely giving the win to someone else. You are 100% allowed to play against your guildmates if you choose to do so and play the full match out.

As long as the match was sincerely played, there shouldn't be a problem. Make sure to read How we enforce this rule to get a firm grasp on the same. 


Although, I must mention, repeated outcomes against the same players may raise suspicion, if deemed as boosting, appropriate actions will be taken. 


Regardless, I'd like to thank you for bringing this to our notice. 


Best wishes,


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