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- Welcome to my shop -




Ingame: Zerriath

 Discord: Beto#3119

Forum:  Pm by forum


-Accepted Payments-


pokedollar.png.b4bc77a9cc35a98fbd55600c783e6263.png.509b0acac320aefda9c1085a1d0b168f.png PokeDollar

1271206271_rarecandy.png.94c998a78b624767385e3dbac269e411.png.b6d07b13c43f34728b6fc27bbde9ca53.png Rare Candies : 8k



 - Accessory Item (empty)-


- Clothes -


1x Winter Clothes Grn - 40k
2x Winter Clothes Pink - 40k

1x Winter Clothes Blue - 40k (SOLD)

1x Goth Clothes Red - 40k (SOLD)

1x Tingle Clothes - 40k

1x Orange Clothes - 10k

1x Ludicolo Clothes - 40k

 - Face Item -


1x Sushi - 75k (SOLD)

1x Male Glasses 1 - 80k (SOLD)

- Head Item -


2x Winter Hat Pink - 40k

1x Winter Hat Blue - 40k (SOLD)

1x Tingle Headgear - 40k
1x Winter Hat Grn - 40k

1x Goomy Hat - 40k (SOLD)

2x Hollow Mask - 500k

1x Straw Hat 2 - 80k

1x Hibiscus Hat - 80k 

 - Mounts -

1x Lapras Mount - 200 k

1x Milotic Mount - 200 k

1x Shiny Blastoise Mount - 300k (SOLD)

1x Latios Mount - 200k

1x Manectric Mount - 200k 

 - Reroll ticket and Nature Reroll (empty)-


2x Reroll Ticket - 700 k (SOLD)


Thank you very much for visiting my shop! Safe travels!

Edited by Zerriath
Updating previous sales

Have a wonderful day!

My Pokemon Shop - My Item Shop ★


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