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Auction some EPIC/GODLY PVP Pokemon

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📌 + S.o 1m ea pokemon 

      + Min bid 100k

      + No insta 

      + End at 48h after first bid 



📌 + S.o 2m : rotom max def 21+

      + Min bid 100k 

      + insta 6m

      + End at 48h after first bid 




📌  + S.o 10m : Weavile MAX SPEED 28+ 

       + Min bid 500k

       + No insta 

       + End at 48h after first bid




 📌 + S.o 5m : Conkeldurr MAX ATK 

       + Min bid 200k

       + No insta 

       + End at 48h after first bid


All pokemon accept cash or CC = 370k 

🍀 Good luck 🍀



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