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Wts epic event bisharp pvpable 20++ adamnt defiant

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Hello @Benjiemager,

Your bid has been removed as a False Bid and you have been punished accordingly for this infraction. 


3. Bidders must have the means to honour their offer both:

- On the account the bid is made from. 

 Forum: If you intend to make payment from an alt account, different to the one used to make the bid on forums, specify clearly which account the payment will be made from.

 e.g. This may apply in cases where an account is forum banned.

- At the time of making the bid, and must remain available until outbid, or auction end.

Just to clarify that the C.O for the Star Wars Bisharp is 15m from @Subhammaster. The auction will continue from 15m. Good luck to all participants. 

Best Regards,

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Please do not contact staff members for private support.

Share your questions on the forums, as they can then be of use to others.


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