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Ditto impostor (HP fire - 31HP)

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Ditto (31hp)

s.o 500k

min raise : 100k

insta : N/A

start 27/06/2022 

end 1 day / 24 hours



Ditto (29hp)




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13 minutes ago, Lyn1311 said:

hi, did i won?

Hai sir. I believe u make a bid before the auct start. It just start today 27/06/2022 and because there is a bid before the start, the auction will start automatically  on 27 (end24hrs). And now some1 just outbid you for 700k. Ty ^^ 

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Hello @Zic

You need to make it clear when an auction ends, it difficult to determine the exact time the auction ends as you have not stated your time zone.


Auction Rules
. Starting price/point must be clearly stated. Once met, the auction has started.


 As of start point, this may be one of the following 2 options: a specified time (e.g. "day/month/year hour:minute a.m./p.m. & Timezone"), or instantly as of the trade post (e.g. "as of thread creation").

 As of start price, specified by the seller.

You have also 'noted' bids that have been recieved before the auction has began, these are not valid.

You have been issued a warning for a mishandled auction, I advise you to read our Auction Rules before creating another auction.

This auction is now void.

My apologies to all involved.


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