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The Pawke Consultancy (Buying and Selling/Auction Holding/Event Tips&Tricks)


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Hello and Welcome to The Pawké Consultancy!


This Service Shop's goal is to help provide advice and strategic insight on managing your in-game finances (aka help make you rich faster)¬†ūüíł


A lot of people need assistance when it comes to prices, buying and selling, and auctioning. The services that will be provided by this shop include but are not limited to:


-Price Checking: Giving precise value estimates to your, and others', Pokémon (Whether you want to sell or buy)

-Auctioning: Help you with holding auctions, both in-game and on forums, for your Pokémon (holding auctions is separate from service)

-Logistics: Moving your Pokémon whether its for a sale or just transportation

-Storage: Box Space to keep your Pokémon temporarily

-Monetary Advice: Whether to Sell a Pokémon or Buy one that is being sold in game or on forum, avoid potential scams and scammers, How to spend your money, and which Pokémon to hunt for money

-Event Guiding: General tips on what to do before, during, and after events (including what to hunt for)

-Finding Pokemon: Looking for event forms or shinies that are currently on sale



The shop's service will work similar to a club/office membership:


Small Membership: 3 days providing services                200k

Intermediate Membership: 1 week providing services    400k

Deluxe Membership: 1 Month providing services             1m


To Purchase a Memberhsip Contact me:

-Forum PMs

-In Game: JadeAsh

-Discord: Jade#2509


Current Active Memberships 

 Small:                                                Intermediate: -Kai2156            Deluxe: Necr0fe4r






Why should you entrust and request this shop's services:

For those of you who don't know me. I have been playing PRO since 2019.I have over 4.5k hours and I run 2 Pokémon shops. I have sold over 250+ Pokémon in my shops since they started. I have a YouTube channel where I upload Quest, Event, PVP and PVE Guides(and many many more).I have auctioned and sold Pokémon for guildmates and non-guild friends countless times. By providing this service, I aim to help players get a better understanding of how the game's economy works. I will assist you with selling your Pokémon, whether to sell at a high price, a low price, to auction, or to keep for later. I will also assist you with Buying Pokémon. If you're looking for a certain Pokémon that isn't currently available I will buy it for you, or help point you to whoever is selling it. For those of you who are serious in requesting this service, as your consultant, I intend to help you in anyway possible. (This won't be my first time helping anyone as I have already been doing this for years.)



Thank you For your Time297428112_623986519059612_3818557550719426002_n.png.3fe640b6a2883d65cb6c049e072aad95.png





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