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Prevent false bans for Story Services.


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Hello there dear staff.

I saw a message where it said; Doing Story services, quest services on other accounts might result in you getting falsely banned for mass account or other related offenses. Do it at your own risk.

My suggestion to this would be:

Make channel that only staff can see where the story service provider could enter his accounts and what account he is doing service for.
This would prevent falsely banned accounts and the work for you to handle the appeals around these bans.

It could be very simple like:

Story Service Provider: (So staff knows which accounts that belongs to the one who provides with service)
Acc 1 - Acc 2 - Acc 3 - Acc 4

Account that gets the serviceservice: (So staff knows which account that is getting the service)

Please Let me know what you think about this!

Kind Regards, GP :PikaLurk:


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