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5 hours ago, Hksouthn77 said:

Hi guys, I just caught an Ekans, but is not a shiny  and idk what is that Pokemon if u can help pls 




Pokémon counterparts are specially colorated versions of Pokémon counterparts that are adventitiously encountered in the wild and—more conservatively so—obtained from Pokémon-giving NPCs.

Compared to other Pokémon MMOs, Pokémon Revolution Online is not multitudinously diversified in the array of special counterparts available; aside from the traditional shiny counterparts, special counterparts are more commonly obtainable as temporary event-thematic Pokémon than any regularly encounterable counterpart of wild Pokémon.

Moreover, they do not bear any inherent statistical enhancements; they merely have an aesthetic distinction from their regular counterparts.

Shiny Pokémon are also the only special counterpart that each Pokémon has a version of; event-temporary ones are tailored to a specific assortment of Pokémon, as outlined below.

One of the special halloween form which can be caught only during HALLOWEEN event ( ENDED NOW ). 

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