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>Gold Server< Nemesis: A Guild of Heroes in Pokémon! (recruiting)


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On 4/2/2023 at 2:49 PM, GoldenP1kachu said:


In shadows deep, where courage treads, a guild of Pokémon, Nemesis led. With hearts aligned, a bond so tight,
they battle darkness
, seeking light.

Each member strong, with skills so rare, they face the challenges, without a care.
Exploring realms
, both near and far, united by purpose, like a guiding star.

Through dungeons dark and forests deep, in loyalty's embrace, their secrets they keep. Nemesis guild, fierce and true, together they rise, the impossible they pursue.

With friendship's strength and spirits bold, they face the mysteries that unfold.
In unity
, they stand and fight, a beacon of hope in day and night.

So let the tales of Nemesis spread, a guild of heroes, where dreams are fed.
In worlds of Pokémon
, their legends rise, a saga of courage beneath boundless skies.


Forging Bond Beyond the Game!

Nemesis was founded in April 2023 under a different name. We adopted the name Nemesis as it better reflects our guild's essence in the game.
Our primary goal is to cultivate a vibrant community where our members take precedence above all else
're a diverse blend of both PvP and PvE players, united in our pursuit to create an environment where everyone can flourish and feel valued.
Enjoying the game and fostering camaraderie on Discord are fundamental principles for us


Elevate Your Adventure!

- 25% EXP Boost based on Guildladder rankings.
- Participate in Monthly Giveaways, a token of our appreciation.
- Engage in Monthly Events such as Discord Trivia , Hide 'n' Seek , PvP Tournaments and more for endless fun.
- Hone your PvP Skills through lessons and team building guided by our finest PvP Officers.

- Embark on exclusive hunts on our Guild Island.
- Dive into the Shadow Hunt, catering to Dungeon enthusiasts.


Meet our Valiant Leaders:
Moon King
 GoldenP1kachu 🇸🇪 (goldenp1kachu)
Moon General
Lacomus 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (lacoisi)
Order of the Moon
Nikolo13 🇬🇷 
Bagadzilla 🇬🇷 
Aaakkktttoooppp 🇮🇳
  Vexdark 🇮🇹
Nadeemashraf 🇮🇳


Forge Yout Destiny

- Display active participation on Discord.
- Age requirement of 16 or older.
- Proficiency in English communication.
- Express enthusiasm for PRO.
- Embrace a friendly attitude while avoiding toxicity.


Become a part of Nemesis!

1. In-Game Name (IGN):


2. Country of Origin:


3. Your favorite Pokemon:


4. Preferred Activity in PRO?


5. What Motivates You to Join Nemesis?

6. Highest PvP Rating Achieved:

7. Discord Tag:

8. Age:

9. Share a screenshott of your Trainer Card

Join the Vanguard: Nemesis Beckons

Step into the future, where challenges are faced and met.
Nemesis stands as the harbinger
, a guild you'll never forget.
With heroes aplenty
, a legacy unfolds, where bonds grow stronger, and stories are told.
Join us today
, become a part of the fray, for in the realm of Pokémon, Nemesis paves the way.



1. Michaelz10

2. United States

3. Rapidash

4. PvE but looking to get into PvP

5. Seems like a friendly guild

6. N/A

7. big_meech.

8. 21

9. Screenshot(2).png.1815ff06e84a1362215c7763c79efddc.png




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1. In-Game Name (IGN): Luffygear05


2. Country of Origin: Singapore


3. Your favorite Pokemon: Garchomp


4. Preferred Activity in PRO?: Pokemon hunting and chilling with friends


5. What Motivates You to Join Nemesis? Wanted to join a guild and chill after returning to the game after 4 years of hiatus :PikaLurk:

(0LD Account)

6. Highest PvP Rating Achieved: None so far

7. Discord Tag: luffygear5 (or) LuffyGear5#0474

8. Age: 24

9. Share a screenshot of your Trainer Card
(New Account)

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adding discord tag
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Hi there ! 


1. In-Game Name (IGN):



2. Country of Origin:



3. Your favorite Pokemon:

Ngl, shiny umbreon is my favorite and that's not a joke (love so much your logo by the way :3) 


4. Preferred Activity in PRO?

I love hunting (especialy at the specials events), interact and chat with people, the PVE & and I'd really like to try pvp !


5. What Motivates You to Join Nemesis?

I've already been part of a guild on another account and I loved the atmosphere, the support and the good humor, which is why I want to join you ! And yours look like they're having fun, so let's go !

6. Highest PvP Rating Achieved:
Never played it before but it makes me really want to try it !

7. Discord Tag:


8. Age:
23 yo


9. Number of hours playing



10. Share a screenshott of your Trainer Card



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