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Xmas Axew Mold Breaker Adament

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Greetings @Phoenixflame123

Several Trade and Auction Rules have been broken. You have been punished for trying to manipulate this auction's outcome using your alternative account. 


2. All bids must be acknowledged, and all current/best offers must be publicly announced with the bidder's username and bid amount.

- In-game: This applies to every trade post related to the auction. Evidence of all bids received must be made and kept, to be made available upon Staff request. Timestamps are preferred.

- Forum: This applies to every in-game bid received, and must be acknowledged in the auction thread with a screenshot. Timestamps are preferred.

 This does not apply to bids received on the forum.

 Bids made on Discord are not valid or accepted.

- Accepting known false bids (from alternative account, friend, guildmate, etc) is prohibited.

Using offers outside of auction as Best Offer is not allowed. Additionally, in case you want to use someone's offer as Starting Point, their permission is required. As such information has not been provided, the Start Point is invalid. 


3. Offers received outside of an auction cannot be:

- Claimed or used as current or best offer. 

- Used as a starting bid without the buyer's permission.

I highly recommend you to carefully read both Auction Rules and Trade Rules. This auction will be voided. You are free to create a new one once your trade restriction is over and you decide to respect the rules. 

Kind regards 

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