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Need help finding a romance and fantasy anime

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I am trying to find an anime that I saw on YouTube years ago. It was originally called "Cloud 9", but I have since discovered that this is not the actual title as I cannot find any information about it online.

I don't recall much of the storyline, but it revolves around a girl with brown hair and possibly green eyes, along with her love interest, a blonde boy with light eyes. Both characters possess magical abilities and reside on a floating island supported by a mystical tree at its center. Other supernatural humans also inhabit the island until the tree is destroyed, causing the island to fall apart. This event separates everyone, including the main characters, who eventually reunite at the end of the anime  https://19216801.onl/  .

The anime features short episodes, and I am searching for it not because I believe it is exceptional, but because it suddenly came to mind and bothers me that I cannot remember its correct title. 

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