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Trade Evolution Megathread

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In-game name: Mamatheturtie Server: Silver Pokemon ID : 50279719 Please, I need my lvl 100 Squirtle to be deleveled to 98. Thanks in advance!  Thank you again, Maisa! 🙂

Hello there, I have my Amaura stuck on level 100 by accident 😞 any help would be greatly appreciated    Account name - Rolliegoalie Server - Gold 10:41 PM GMT   T

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De-leveling request: My Ivysaur stuck on lv100 by accident.

In-game name: Ikenkin
Server: Gold
Pokemon ID and/or screenshot: 39021864. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 11.05.21 PM.png


Hello, your Ivysaur has been deleveled. Have a nice day!  -Maisa


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Hello there. I make a mistake when lvling up this drilbur. Could you, please, delevel it just 1 level or something? Thanks. (i am r0b1n29, gold server).

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 5.34.20 AM.png


Hi, your Drilbur has been deleveled. Have a lovely day!  -Maisa


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The Deleveling Request Megathread has been locked as of today, as the Mysterious Candy was introduced. You can buy a Mysterious Candy in-game for 1 PvP Coin, 2 PvE Coins or 5,000 Pokedollars and it will allow you to evolve level 100 Pokemon that are not fully evolved.

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Hello sir, can you please evolve my sneasel into weavile. I have razor claw held. I will be extremely thankful to you. 

My ign-shekhar786






Appears to be done, have a nice day. - Noxious

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Can you please evolve my Eevee into Leafeon? I used Rare Candy to level up from 98 to 99 in Petalburg Woods but it didn't work. I had 255 happiness and I was advised to faint my Eevee so it loses the happiness and restart client. But when I tried evolving it again it kept evolving into Espeon even though I had only 251 happiness so it failed...


I know you mentioned you don't do area based evolutions but I wouldn't even know how to do it at this point even if you deleveled me back to 99. It seems bugged. Please help. It's my first level 100 poke, I need it to progress to Sinnoh.




I logged off but I'm still in Petalburg Woods with my Eevee.


Recently, the Pokemon Deleveling-Service has been removed with the addition of the Mysterious Candy. It will allow you evolve your Level 100 Pokemon if you meet all the requirements (e.g. happiness requirements). You can purchase these candies in all four department stores, PvE Coin shops and PvP Coin shops for 5.000 Pokedollars, 2 PvE Coins or 1 PvP Coin, respectively. Use this item on it in Petalburg Woods, this should help you evolve it. - Noxious

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