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Restore Pokemon Megathread

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Hi, i accidentally evolved  this mon when reached max lvl, i wanted to evolve into slowking

can i ask for de-evolve this please?


Player: Ripvanwinkle

Server: Gold




Unfortunately we cannot make Pokemon de-evolve, sorry. - Noxious

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IGN: Bhimaso Gold Server Released it by accident instead of trading it. oops.  

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Can you please evolve my Eevee into Leafeon? I used Rare Candy to level up from 98 to 99 in Petalburg Woods but it didn't work. I had 255 happiness and I was advised to faint my Eevee so it loses the happiness and restart client. But when I tried evolving it again it kept evolving into Espeon even though I had only 251 happiness so it failed...


I know you mentioned you don't do area based evolutions but I wouldn't even know how to do it at this point even if you deleveled me back to 99. It seems bugged. Please help. It's my first level 100 poke, I need it to progress to Sinnoh.







Resolved on another thread. - Noxious


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I play in Server: Silver, I accidentally released one of my pokemon (Gengar, 12424772), Can you please help me to get it back, I have a screenshot below for proof


Thank you



Your Gengar has been recovered. Please check the last slot in your PC box! - Ehkoe.


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