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1. By registering to PRO (Pokemon Revolution Online), you agree and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and these Game Rules.

2. Each person is allowed a maximum of four owned accounts. You may only have one account per email.

3. Account sharing isn't recommended but allowed none the less. Any infraction done on your account is the responsibility of the account owner and punishments will be issued to the account no matter who was under control at the time.

4. Real Money/ World Trading is strictly prohibited and all accounts involved will receive a permanent ban if done.

5. Using any kind of automated software, hacking or editing the PRO game/ client is prohibited.

6. Abusing glitches, and not reporting them as soon as possible will result in sanctions.

7. Helping a user hide their illegally gained belongings (Pokemon, Items, Money, etc) is forbidden.

8. Trade Rules must be followed at all times. Rules may change depending on which platform the user is trading on (Forums, In-game, Live Chat) so be sure to read them. Deceiving/ scamming other user when trading will result in an immediate permanent ban.

9. By playing PRO's Ranked PvP, you agree to the PvP Rules. The PvP rules do not apply to the unranked/ friendly battles.

10. Deplorable behavior, profanity, spamming and posting inappropriate/ adult content are all against the rules. Continued infractions will result in harsher punishments and will result in a permanent ban if escalated. If necessary, PRO Staff will report you to the appropriate authorities if your offense is considered illegal.

11. Posting malicious links, such as phishing links and adult content, or anything inappropriate for children is prohibited.

12. Staff impersonation is strictly prohibited and will result in harsh sanctioning if attempted. If username based, the infringing account will be permanently suspended without question.

13. Disrespect and Toxic/Trashtalk behavior directed to staff and users will be aggressively sanctioned. This applies on official PRO scope.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a disciplinary action against your accounts. The punishment will be adequated to the infraction.
The Punishment Policy lists all sort of punishments and possible punishments.