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  1. Necromancers are a guild located on the Gold server that doesn't specialize in any particular field, but are however more of a PvE-oriented guild. This guild is fairly new and it was created by two competent Contributors that each excels in different fields. So we can ensure that you get the support you need, access to guidance, and all while making it a fun and enjoyable guild for everyone. Feel free to join us on our journey in building a friendly, supportive, safe, and fun guild on PRO! The artwork and the guild itself are based on the Manga Solo Leveling. Haven't read Solo Leveling yet? Then you are sadly missing out on a great action, adventure, and fantasy packed story. As a guild, we do have to set some requirements. But do not take them as barriers that prevent you from applying! Even if you feel like you are not fulfilling some or all of the mandatory or optional requirements, we may still accept you! Mandatory requirements: (These are mandatory requirements that we want to see in all our applicants) • Communicate in English on a basic level* • Completed the Kanto Region** • Be at least 16 years old** • Have a Discord account and be fairly active on Discord from time to time *Preferably Intermediate level or above, but exceptions can be made **Exceptions can be made Optional requirements: (These are the non-mandatory requirements that we wish to see in all our applicants) • Someone who can take jokes and isn't a snowflake • Is active on PRO and have a fair understanding of the game • Wants to participate and engage in and with the guild • Supportive, motivated, cheerful, and helpful Below you will find the application format that you should be following when posting your application. Keep in mind that we may decline your application if it deviates too far from the application format below. How do I join the guild? Copy the application template below, fill it out, then post it below. How will I know if I got accepted or not? If you get accepted, we will reply to your application below and PM you for further instructions. My application hasn't been answered yet, help! If it has been more than 2 days, you can bump your application or PM one of the co-owners for further assistance. Application Template: • IGN (In-Game Name): • Your age: • What type of player are you? • Have you completed the Kanto region? (Yes/No) • Do you use Discord frequently and have it installed? • Why do you want to join this guild? • What is your favorite Pokémon? An example of Application: The Guild Master of Necromancers, one of the co-owners, leader of the guild, and the Discord server owner. Scara - @Scara The Vice-Guild Master of Necromancers, one of the co-owners, and a guild officer. Electrocute4u - @Electrocute4u They are in charge of recruiting and promoting new initiates that join the guild. Once a member has been promoted, they will appear here. These are the core members of the guild, they make up the guild in its entirety. Currently looking for new members to fill these empty spots! A special thanks to @Electrocute4u for the amazing guild artwork and for creating this entire guild post.
  2. Now Recruiting! We are a friendly, helpful and mature community looking to recruit like minded players. We have a very active and helpful discord with members from all around the world so its usually active 24/7! Were trying to build a mature guild so ideally we want 18+ members but even if your not it is fine. We have members who can assist you with Story, Bosses, or even PvP. You will be able to participate in our Guild-Exclusive Events, such as Hunting, Giveaways, or any of the Mini-games we host. You will be able to buy items and Pokemon exclusive to the Guild at a discounted rate. If you need Pokemon for story or quest we have plenty to lend out to help you. If you are just up and bored and want someone to hang with and talk to we have that as well. We bring everything to the table. ● 50 Gameplay Hours ● Completed Kanto Region ● Discord User ● Must know how to speak in English ● Must be 16+ years old ● Follow all Pro, Guild and Discord rules! ● Be Friendly, Helpful, Supportive, and Respectful to all members. ● DO NOT TRY TO SCAM, BREAK RULES, INSULT, HARASS PLAYERS. ● What is your player name or IGN? ● How active are you in PRO? ● What type of player are you? ● What's your Age? ● What do you expect from the guild? ● Preferred Guild Branch from below (Optional) ? ● Do you know any member? ● Discord Info? ~BLACK CLOVER Officers~ - Guild Leader - JinksLIT - Captain - Henrypart - Vice Captain - Rabihhh1 ~BLACK CLOVER Branch Guilds~ - Captain - PrimeNinja223 - Vice Captain - TBD Guild Hub for new and old players who want to chill and hangout until they move to a branch guild of preference. - Captain - Onslaught248 - Vice Captain - TBD - Officers - Gathering place for people who feel the rush in PvP Battles.
  3. Wangzii


    Defiant Guild is looking for new members. Defiant was founded in February 2019 and has been a PvE focused guild for most of its time on PRO. Recently we have started to transition into a PvP guild with great success on the Gold server. We have made it into Top 3 on the guildladder and been increasing our rating every month since the transition. The people (we call them OG Defiants) have grown to a family that supports and helps each other, and of course we have been welcoming a lot of new members to our family. We are now looking for you to join us next and help us achieve our dream of becoming a top guild on the gold server. On September of 2021, The Defiants accomplished a HUGE milestone. We managed to secure #3 spot within Guild Ladder at the end of the PvP season. - Have completed ALL 4 regions of the game. - Join our discord and at least check your Tags/Announcements on the server. - We don't accept Guildhoppers or Serverhoppers, if you join Defiant we expect you to stay Defiant. Have at least 100 PvP rating - in this case you will be invited without an application. OR Have a PvP-able team - you will have to fill out the application. - 25% Exp. Boost from being a Top 10 Guild. - Lots of help to become better in PvP like team suggestions, database and sparring partners. - Help regarding PvE content like boss team suggestions, data about bosses and a question channel for you to ask anything. Guild Events: Guild events require you to maintain a certain PvP rating in order to participate and win. - Bug Catching Contest: Highest score in the bug catching contest wins. Weekly, Reward: 15d Membership or Black Medaillon Hunting Events: - On occasions like events or special pokemon spawns we open up hunting events. Durations, rules and prizes are different every time. Giveaways: - We hold several giveaways whenever we feel like it or when guild milestones are reached Trainer Roless: - The higher your Trainer Role the more opportunity to win more giveaways. We are looking forward to your application. Please apply by using our Discord: https://discord.gg/hsZxe8f
  4. Ethereal is a new hopefully up and coming guild created by two not very sane people, EdwardLZ and NKT. Owning a top guild has been one of our goals for the longest time ever. So, when we met the sufficient requirements to create a guild, we immediately decided to create one. But, There was a problem. To be the best guild, we need the best members, and that's where we need you. We might not have a lot of members or ratings as of now, but those trivial things could matter later. No matter if you're new or a veteran, we welcome you with open arms. Requirements It is preferable if you are able to speak basic English, they don't have to be good, just enough to understand. We are recruiting anyone and everyone who wishes to join the guild, so please consider joining, i'm desperate. Guild Benefits 1. We have a functional Discord server for communications, trades, pvps, etc. 2. In-guild contests, events, etc is held in our discord server. More members = more events! 3. we have a pretty sick guild logo. How to join You can reply in this forum, /pm EdwardLZ or NKT in game, or contact my Discord, akiraa#8683. It is also preferable if you send your application in our (click) Discord Server (click) Please send your application with the following format: In-game name (IGN) Number of hours played Age Language(s) spoken Make sure to tell us when you can be online so we know when to invite you! We look forward to seeing you!
  5. Bienvenue chez Renaissance ! Issue de la fusion entre french connexion ( gold ) et french squad ( silver ) le but de cette guilde est de réunir les francophones les plus actifs sur PRO, et de rester compétitifs face aux guildes internationales, tout en privilégiant la bonne entente. Chez nous, toutes les informations passent par le Discord de guilde, nous nous retrouvons quotidiennement pour parler de Pokémon mais aussi de beaucoup d'autres sujets. Notre guilde regorge de chasseurs, collectionneurs, traders ainsi que des joueurs expérimentés en PvP et PvE qui pourront vous aider à bien comprendre le jeu ! Chaque mois nous organisons des événements de farm et des tournois que ce soit sur pro ou showdown avec des récompenses saisonnières financées intégralement par la banque de guilde. Nous recrutons tout joueur parlant français peu importe son objectif dans le jeu : PVP, commerce, farm. Il y a tout de même quelques règles à respecter : - Être sur Discord (obligatoire) - Avoir fini les 4 régions ( Kanto, Johto, Hoenn et Sinnoh) - Respecter les règles du jeu PRO. (Nous ne voulons pas de tricheurs dans la guilde) - Jouer régulièrement. Nous voulons des joueurs qui restent à long terme. Notre renouvellement est important, lorsqu’un joueur n’est plus actif sur une longue période, ce dernier est exclu de la guilde pour être remplacé par un nouveau membre. Tout joueur exclu pour inactivité peut revenir s’il compte continuer à jouer au jeu. - Avoir 16 ans minimum et être mature. La maturité est un critère important pouvant conduire à l’exclusion de la personne. - Le respect des autres membres. Nous n’hésitons pas à exclure un membre irrespectueux envers les autres membres de la guilde. Vous pouvez vous disputer avec d’autres membres de la communauté PRO si cela ne vient pas ternir l’image de la Guilde. - Être autonome. La guilde n’est pas là pour donner des PKM, elle est là pour donner les outils vous permettant de réfléchir. La nature vous a doté d’un cerveau, à vous de vous en servir, beaucoup de joueurs posent des questions où il suffit de taper le mot sur google et la réponse s’y trouve directement, on vous donne les outils et c’est à vous de vous en servir. - Être sympa et vouloir participer activement au développement de la guilde. Nouveau : Les places dans la guilde se font rares, nous en sommes arrivés a un point ou nous ne pouvons plus virer les gens sur seul critère d'inactivité pour continuer a recruter des gens qui participent a l'effort commun ! ( être actif ingame, discord, faire du pvp, participer au événement ) Si vous désirez nous rejoindre, vous pouvez remplir ce questionnaire et envoyer votre carte de dresseur : Nous vous communiquerions la réponse par message privé via le forum ou Discord !
  6. !!Syndicate!! By setting its torch-like tail ablaze, this Pokémon can heat the atmosphere and change the weather. In fact, legend has it that Reshiram's flames are capable of incinerating the world itself, so perhaps the world's continued safety is a sign of its goodwill. Reshiram is said to help those who seek to build a world of truth. This is Syndicate! The fighters of truth and Reshiram. We want to create the greatest envoirnment for our members here at Syndicate. Most important thing for us is the community. It will always come first! We have an active Discord server where we provide with all kind of help with the likes of PvP-Coaching , Team-Building , Guild Events & much more fun! We have fun in Syndicate. And more important, we have fun together!! Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family - GP on Syndicate Founder & Leader GoldenP1kachu Officers of Syndicate Paprikaflow Aaakkktttoooppp Gdxe Serkaninc Bagadzilla Hiza Nikolo13 Hundjager 1. Must be able to use the english language. 2. Be active in game 3. Be active on Discord 4. Age 18+ 5. Finished Full Story 6. 200+ Hours in game. 7. The Last Requirements is to be filled when you have been accepted to Syndicate. 1-2 Months as Initiate toprove that you are the right suit for Syndicate and vice versa. 1. Screenshot of your trainer card: 2. Favorite Pokemon: 3. Age: 4. Goals in PRO: 5. Country: 6. Reason for joining Syndicate: Send you Discord Tag in the application aswell!! Copy and paste this to answer in order to send your application!!! Come join the future! UP THE SYNDICATE!
  7. Hallo Ihr Lieben, wir, die deutschsprachige Gilde „MewtusRache“, suchen immer nach aktiven Spielern, die eine Gemeinschaft und Mitspieler suchen, um den Spaß am Spiel mit anderen zu teilen. Bei uns steht der Spielspaß immer an erster Stelle und wir setzen keine Voraussetzungen im Storyfortschritt oder PvP-Ranking. Wenn wir weiterhin motiviert und zielgerichtet voranschreiten werden, wird sich das Gildenranking irgendwann von allein aufbauen. Aus diesem Grund nehmen wir gerne auch Neulinge im Spiel auf. Egal ob bei Problemen in der Story, Fragen zu PvP-Knowledge oder allgemeinen Fragen zum Spiel, wird man bei uns immer jemanden finden der mit fachkundigem Expertenwissen auf seinem Gebiet Lösungen kennt und diese auch gerne mit dir teilt. Wir bieten einen Exp-Bonus von 7.5%. Weiterhin bieten wir unseren eigenen Discord-Server, der neben dem Reborn-Helferbot und einem gildeninternen Marktplatz unter anderem auch genug Platz bietet, um seine Ideen und Vorschläge kundzugeben und zu diskutieren. Gildeninterne relevante Veränderungen von Terminen oder sonstigem werden hier selbstverständlich auch angekündigt. Um das Gemeinschaftsgefühl zu stärken veranstalten wir regelmäßig Gildenevents. Unser wöchentliches Hide&Seek Event mit lohnenden Preisen hat schon vielen glücklichen Gewinnern den Sonntag verschönert. Wenn ihr Lust bekommen habt mal das Zusammenspielen in einer Gilde kennenzulernen, allgemein Gesellschaft beim Spielen sucht, eure alte Gilde in Inaktivität versinkt oder ihr neu im Spiel seid und noch mit einem großen „?“ durchs Spiel lauft, schreibt mir einfach unter diesem Beitrag, meldet euch bei Brickx, Marksman1303, alucaardx, Limette515, Ikurashy, Cardiolo, Quantendynamik oder einem anderen Spieler mit unserem Gildenlogo. Wir sehen uns Online
  8. Hello, Im really frustrated right now and I don't know where should I start. I am doing heatran quest and the first time I failed using Kyurem lvl 60. And on my second attemp it was successful because I already defeated all trainers and currently leveling my way up to lvl 90s by defeating wild pokemons. I have lvl 81 gyarados. Suddenly the game crashed and it teleported me to the recent pokemon center I visited. Im really feeling lost because it is really diffucult to start all over again. Any help?
  9. hello good afternoon / evening / day depends on when you read this! my problem is the following, a few weeks ago I got stuck in the ice-type gym (sinnoh) and since then I can't progress in the story mode ... I wanted to know if they can transfer me from the gym to the pokecenter the city since I don't have any item (escape rope) that I can use to get out of there and I already tried to have a battle to respawn in the pokecenter but I can't battle anyone. thank you
  10. Today while doing Bug Catching Contest my Umbreon got poisoned...The strange thing is that i took no poison damage at the end of each round...Also it took no secondary damage from the move Infestation...My Umbreons ability is Synchronize, which makes taking no secondary damage a bug...
  11. I used phantom force in ranked PvP with mega banette and my oppo says it's a bugged move so if u abuse a bugged move u will be banned!. And plz can some mod say me that is there any connection for 6th rule of overall game rules and this phantom force move? And I wanna know is this move a bugged or banned or unbanned plz suggest me a answer
  12. Hey there, I have won and ranked number 1 on bcc consecutively for 5 days now (maybe 4) but i am very sure its 5 but anyways we need only 3 to get the stone. However in my case i have not received it yet. I have the mega bracelet and i already have the gallade mega stone. is there something i am missing or something wrong with my account? Please help. thanks, IGN- Shagun5750 Server- Gold
  13. I took a boat from johtos Mt morta, and ended up at Iron Island but now I can't get back to johto. I'm stuck between sinnohs canalave city and iron island. Trying to take the boat from canalave tells me I need to be the sinnoh champion. Pls help
  14. I took a boat from johtos Mt Morta, and ended up at Iron Island but now I can't get back to johto. I'm stuck between sinnohs canalave city and iron island. Trying to take the boat from canalave tells me I need to be the sinnoh champion.
  15. I took a boat from johtos Mt morta, and ended up at Iron Island but now I can't get back to johto. I'm stuck between sinnohs canalave city and iron island. Trying to take the boat from canalave tells me I need to be the sinnoh champion.
  16. idk why for the past 3-5 days my client has been flickering and crashing i have tried everything i tried reinstalling both the 64 and 32 bit but it still didnt work i love this game but cuz of this problem i cant play it pls can u guys of staff help me
  17. I've beaten him once before, got requirements (356 hours, completed all regions) but when I try go to secluded lake now as of today, it tells me something is up ahead and I shouldn't go there yet.
  18. Before the 8th gym badge after beating deoxys and talking to rayquaza you get teleported into sootopolis. But if you use an escape rope to teleport out of sootopolis you can't get back in. Rayquaza doesn't send you to the moon again and you can't get there from entrance from route 128 underwater because you have nothing else to do in there.
  19. I went to catch Kyurem, and my party was full. I used a Masterball as soon as i encountered it (level 50 one) , it said "kyurem escape , your box is full" something like that. i dont know what the problem was , i even threw my ultra balls but same thing prompted , even my master ball got consumed. Can i know what the issue is? or can you explain what should i do now? because im really stuck now.
  20. I was playing this game along time ago and now i login to see my mount that i bought progress pokemon and literally everything gone. Could someone explain to me what happened? The mount i had was a latios if i remember correctly and also i still have 40 of these bought coins or idk what that is
  21. hello i started at johto on server gold an picked the wrong pokemon my questin is can i restart the pick or not?
  22. Yesterday i started my blastoise quest, after getting to the part where u need to catch bulbasaur,charmander and squirtle oak will ask u to train one of these. I selected charmander but i wanted to train squirtle, so i clicked on reselect. now it keeps asking me what poke i want to train and when i choose nothing seems to change, it now also says my bulbasaur isn't valid. And now he is saying that my charmander needs to be catched again wich i caught as last one. Not 100% sure if this is meant to be or if its glitched. After i trained my squirtle into a lvl100 blastoise oak says its not the poke he asked for ._.
  23. i was blazing though the Mega gallade/gardevoir questline when i made a mistake. i gave a Tauros instead of a milktank to get the gardevoirite i wanted. i think i was the first person to get the quest done so i had no info about it. the quest is very new so i was wondering if either i can get a trade or if i can get a reset on the quest. Tho if this falls under the "cant redo things or cant refund players category" i will understand and will have to farm up the pvp/pve coins that i wasnt told about at all.
  24. Herkese Merhabalar. Guildimiz Gold sunucusundaki bildiğimiz tek Türk guildidir. Guild alımlarımız şu anda devam etmektedir. - Poke kasarken %2.5 Bonus Experience Puanı(40+ kişiden dolayı gelen bonus) - PVP and PVE hakkında yardım ve bilgilendirme - Guild bank - Etkinlikler - Giveawayler - PRO, Guild ve Discord Kurallarına Uymak- - Tüm üyelere ve oyunculara karşı arkadaş canlısı, yardımcı ve saygılı olmak. - Diğer üyelere karşı toxic olmamak, onları kandırmamak, hakaret etmemek, onları spamlememek. 1. Aktif olmanız 2. 15 Yaş veya üstü olmanız 3. Discordunuzun olması 4. Kurallara uymamız Bize katılmak istiyorsanız aşağıdaki soruları yanıtlayınız. 0. PvP Tecrüben varsa başvurunu şu posta yap, yoksa sorulara devam et: 1. Oyun içi ismin nedir? 2. Yaşın kaç? 3. Discordun var mı?
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