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Overall Game Rules.


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By registering to PRO, you agree to follow all of PRO's rules. Breaking any of PRO's rules will result in disciplinary action on your account. Appropriate punishments are issued per infraction. You can read the Punishment Policy for an idea of what punishment may follow for each infraction.


If your account is ever sanctioned due to breaking any of PRO's rules, you have the right to appeal. During the appeal process, we take careful consideration of the rule breaking, your behaviour whilst appealing, your honesty and your punishment record.


Overall Game Rules

  • 1. By registering to PRO (Pokemon Revolution Online), you agree and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and these Game Rules.


  • 2. Each person is allowed a maximum of four owned accounts.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Any account created counts towards your 4 total, not just active ones. 0 hours, 0 badges, never played on? They count.
      • Received accounts, count towards your total.
      • Given away accounts, do not count towards your total anymore.
      • Received/Given away only count if you changed the password/email of said account otherwise it still belongs to the original creator
    • Exploiting more than 4 allowed accounts in order to gain mass profit or frequently gaining large amounts of income. If someone has quit PRO and gave their account to you, take anything you want at once and stop using it only if you already own 4 accounts. Be aware doing this may trigger a ban in which you will need to appeal and provide proper evidence of the account being given to you.
      • (Example: Having the password of more than 4 accounts you received by people who are inactive in order to fight bosses, doing PvE quests to receive rewards, or progressing during a Special Event in order to receive one time rewards such as Reroll Tickets, etc...)


  • 3. Account sharing isn't recommended but allowed none the less.
    • The account owner will be held accountable for any infraction committed on the account.
    • Accounts shared with you do not count as one of your 4 accounts unless you are given full ownership of said account.
    • We do not offer support in proxy cases where you are banned due to connections to another user. Your IP and device are your responsibility.


  • 4. Real Money/ World Trading is strictly prohibited and all accounts involved will receive a permanent ban if done.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Buying or selling anything in PRO for money or goods in real life.
    • Exchanging anything in PRO for items, money, etc on another game.
    • Buying or selling an account on PRO for money or goods in-game. (Example: Coin Capsule, etc.)
    • Buying or selling an account on PRO for money or goods in real life.
    • Buying or selling an account on PRO for CC.


  • 5. Using any kind of unauthorised software, hacking or editing the PRO game/ client is prohibited.
    Unauthorised software includes:
    • Any kind of automated software. (Bots, Macro).
    • Software which injects into PRO's files to give unfair advantages. (Speed hacking).
    • External software that gives unfair advantages, which is not endorsed by PRO.


  • 6. Abusing glitches, and not reporting them as soon as possible, will result in sanctions.
    • Accounts which abuse bugs will not be unbanned unless all illegitimate gains can be removed from the account.


  • 7. Not reporting incriminating evidence, helping a user evade a ban, and hiding illegally gained belongings are all strictly forbidden.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Not reporting a user who you know has cheated or abused bugs.
    • Sharing accounts with a user who is permanently banned.
    • Trading stolen, botted or illegitimately gained Pokemon, items, money, etc whilst knowing of their origin.
    • Not reporting a Staff Member who abuses position, leaks Staff-only information to users or leaks unpublished PRO content.


  • 8. Exploiting Bosses to excessively gain income is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Selling or buying Boss Service.
    • Fight Bosses on more than 4 accounts, regardless of ownership.
    • Fight Bosses on both servers with the same account. If you transferred, you will have to wait for the cooldown on the other server to end in order to rechallenge.


  • 9. The Trade Rules must be followed at all times.
    • Rules may differ depending on which platform the user is trading on (Forums, In-game, Discord Chat).
    • Scamming another user when trading will result in an immediate permanent ban.


  • 10. By playing PRO's Ranked PvP, you agree to the PvP Rules.
    • The PvP rules do not apply to the unranked/ friendly battles.


  • 11. By engaging in the in-game chats, you agree and acknowledge the Chat Rules.
    • Private channel owners/ Guild leaders have the right to moderate their channels.
    • Insults and harassment are never acceptable, even when done in private channels.
    • PRO Staff will only moderate private messages if they are reported via the Report Center.


  • 12. Deplorable behaviour, profanity, spamming and posting inappropriate/ adult content are all against the rules.
    • PRO Staff will report you to the appropriate authorities if your offence is considered illegal.


  • 13. Posting malicious links, such as phishing links, adult content, or anything inappropriate for children is prohibited.


  • 14. Impersonating a member of PRO staff is strictly prohibited and will result in harsh sanctioning if attempted.
    • If username based, the infringing account will be permanently suspended without question.


  • 15. When registering an account, you must not take a username that is inappropriate for children.
    • You may be questioned or permanently banned if your name is deemed inappropriate.


  • 16. Gaining unauthorised access to another user's account is strictly prohibited and will be met with severe consequences.
  • 17. PVE Ladder related rules (currently active only during specific event but rule is valid in any PVE ladder will be released from now on) :
    • Any form of boosting is prohibited. (Example, having someone else play for you in order to enter ladder regardless if free or paid)
    • You are allowed to have only one single account in a server PVE ladder. 



PRO's Rules apply to all official PRO Scope. This includes the forum, game, Discord servers as well as any officially owned platform.

Infractions done against a member of staff may receive additional or harsher punishments depending on the nature of the infraction.

Member's of PRO's staff team and anyone representing PRO (Discord moderation, acknowledged contributors, etc) are not exempt from the rules and will be punished significantly harder if they break them.

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