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Punishment Policy.


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Hello all. Despite the rules being posted in most places around the forum and in-game, it's has come to staff's attention that some players are not aware of what is a punishable offence. So, below is the list of reasons that staff will look for when issuing punishment to players. To reduce the amount of workaround, and abuse, the duration of each punishment and severity level has been hidden. This will remain in staff. Some players believe staff can punish without evidence, which is not true. The idea behind this post is to inform the community about what is a punishable offence and to inform them of the rules.


In the abhorrent event of a user breaking the rules listed below, you can report them in the Report Center. Please be sure to read the How to Report topic before doing so. In the even more abhorrent event that you are banned, you can check your ban reason on the Dashboard and you are able to appeal your ban in the Discipline Appeal subforum.








  • 77c81c3d8e6646371d35f88a3651288f.png
    Severity levels : A method that staff use to help categorize the severity of various infractions.
    Mute : Blocks the infringing user's access to the public chats for a specified time.
    Kick : Boots the specified user from the server. (If there is a queue, the user would have to wait it out again).
    Quiet/Mute Ban : Completely blocks the targeted user from talking in PMs, Public Chats and Local Chat for a specified time.
    Trade Ban : Removed the user's ability to Trade and send Mail for a specified time.
    Temp Ban : Bans the targeted user from logging in to the server for a specified time.
    Perm Ban : Permanently bans the specified user from logging in to the server.
    Special Ban : A bespoke ban that can be issued by various Moderation staff and Admins. You don't want one of these.


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    Chat related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Mutes, Mute Bans, Kick from server.
  • Inappropriate Behaviour.
  • Misuse of Channels & Languages.
  • Distribution of False Information.
  • Advertising of personal channels, other Pokemon games and services not related to PRO without permission.
    Forum related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Forum Warning, Forum Ban, Suspension, Mute Bans.
  • Inappropriate Behaviour.
  • Minor Spam.
  • Mini-Modding.
  • Plagiarising of other Users, Sites, Media etc.
  • Inappropriate Avatar/Signature.
  • Hidden Links/Messages in Avatar/Signature.
  • Avatar/Signature Containing Graphics Portraying PRO Ranks.
  • Excessive Spam.
  • Harassment.
  • Impersonating Staff.
  • Inappropriate Advertisement.



  • 69b9d806ea9de613751e4d466fe35524.png
    Chat related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Mute Bans, Temp Bans, Perm Ban.
  • Continued S1 Infractions.
  • Deplorable Behaviour (Hate Speech/Threats/Racism/Harassment).
  • Insulting & Harassing Staff.
  • Discussing Adult Content in Chats.
  • Disrespect and Toxic/Trashtalk behaviour directed to staff and users.
  • Staff Impersonation.
    ► Trade related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Trade Bans, Perm Ban.
  • False Offers/Selling/Lending.
  • Deceiving/Misleading.
  • Attempted Scam & Accomplice.
  • Successful Scam & Accomplice.
    ► Rated PvP related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : PvP Bans, Mute Bans, Temp Bans, Perm Ban, Rating reset, PvP Coin resets and Tournament Bans
  • Abuse of Bugged Moves & Breaking PvP Rules.
  • Illegitimate Rank Boosting.
  • Using more than two alternate Accounts in the Ranked Ladder.
  • Having Alternate Accounts on the End-Of-Season Top 25.
    ► In-Game Mail related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Trade Bans, Temp Bans, Perm Ban.
  • Sending abusive mail. (Chat infraction via mail).
  • Mail spam.
    ► Higher Moderation related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Temp Bans, Perm Ban.
  • Attempted Real World/Money Trading (RW/MT).



  • ad8ac2e5b3d469b94ad838d1d4c8024c.png
    ► Moderation Team related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Perm Ban.
  • Continued S2 Infractions.
  • Inappropriate Usernames.
  • False Screenshots/Evidence.
  • Account Hacking.
  • Inappropriate Use of Guild Logo/Plagiarism.
    ► Higher Moderation related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Perm Ban.
  • Mass Accounts.
  • Glitch Abuse & Accomplice.
  • Successful RMT (Account/Pokemon/Pokedollar/Items Selling) & Accomplice.
  • Hiding the rule breaking information or culprit itself (both staff or player).
  • Use of Macros, Automated Software, Speedhack or Multiboxing.



  • 90150b1311f8606fee20ab1412d2a17a.png
    ► Higher Moderation & admin related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Perm Ban, Special Bans.
  • Continued S3 Infractions.
  • Client Hacking/Modification.
  • Threats Against Server/Game.
  • Advertising/Links of Malicious Apps & Illicit Programs.



  • 4c77e0c1a78ad32a5294906b503765f6.png
    ► Staff-Player related infractions ◀︎
    PUNISHMENTS : Temp Bans, Perm Ban, Special Bans.
  • Leaking staff information.
  • Excessive harassment towards staff.
    ► Staff infractions ◀︎
    Reserved for staff Punishment Policy. Administrators and Management access.



  • 58a348ae1ab21633ed91bd084a97b9ed.png
    ✖︎ The Punishment Policy is a guideline for staff, harsher or bespoke punishments can be added and issued by staff if the majority of the Moderation Team and Management Team agrees upon it.
    ✖︎ At any time, new punishment reasons may be added or changed to keep PRO as a healthy environment.
    ✖︎ Staff are not immune to the rules and are trained to follow the PP whilst apprentices. Abuse of this can lead to demotion.







Credits to:

Nikola & PRO Moderation Team : Writing the first Punishment Policy and reference.

Daeon : Re-writing the Punishment Policy (Dec 2016).

Letrix : Revamping the PP and Punishment Policy reference.

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