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  2. Wts this cute pvp mon S.o 1m Min bid 100k No insta 3 days
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  4. Hey frinds can dig be back? xD the server is crashing anyways even today i played only 3 bossfights and it crashed in all of them so i dont see the reason why digspots are still disabled :(( please man i need money and new people need cerulean cave fee 200k is not possible iwthout digging nuggets
  5. Thank you for applying we will contact you shortly
  6. Hi! thanks and congrats let me know witch server you are and when u are able to trade in game
  7. Welcome Send some pics :pogg: (If you want, some naturalistic pics too :kappa: )
  8. Does he only spawn in the ballroom or also in earlier rooms?
  9. 1. Guardian1650 2. 85hrs 3. Cyndaquil 4. I'm 16
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