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  2. It occured to me that some customers I sold services on have been banned and it specifically concerns me. This could put my reputation in jeopardy in the future. I'm going to temporarily close this shop until further notice. I sincerely apologize for anyone who probably wanted to book an order... but I just want to make sure everything is cleared on my side before I am safe to do this again.
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  4. No consigo evolucionar a mi budew. Tiene la felicidad al maximo.He subido niveles en todas las franjas horarias y no evoluciona.
  5. Hello @Yverneas I managed to solve the problem with restarting my router. Thanks for the help
  6. I can't patch my PROClient: patcherError.txt tells something about my U:\ drive but the PROClient is on D:\. U:\ is a network drive. If i copy the files to C:\ i get another error: BR Patrick patcherError.txt
  7. S.o 2m Min bid 1k Pay methods, cc=350k,iv rr=650k,nature rr=350k Auction end 24h after first bid
  8. Hi, I'm newbie for PRO. Please see information below. 1. Minjangza 2. 79 hrs 3. Clefairy 4. Collected all the Pokemon in Pokedex. Thank you
  9. when i run my current download as of this date, it misfires giving me the pokeball mini window then crashing and doing nothing else (no black screen or any border/window). ive tried compatibility settings, and the same download runs on another pc windows 10 x64 just fine... any ideas? are there any special drivers i might need?
  10. S.o 50k Min bid 20k Insta 2m 48 hrs auction started in Dec 2 0359H gMT+8 End in dec 4 0359H GMt+8 Accept payment Cash Cc-350k Rr- 600k
  11. Hello I want to sell my Halloween form venusaur, good luck to everyone 48 hours from first bid 2m start 200k min bid
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