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  2. HAPPY CLIENTS: *After EXP Rework (October) Williwu - 7 LVL, 4 EV (Everything is noted on sheets)
  3. Start: 10m Min bid: 444k Duration: 4 days (after the first bid) Payment: Pokedollars Insta: N/A Note: Cross Server
  4. What does Dr. Neumann say? What happens when you try to enter the captains room?
  5. Hello, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, after some investigation, the conclusion is that the only option is to wait for the server to crash or restart. I know this isn’t a convenient answer for you, but it’s the only one I can give you. I hope you understand
  6. Starting bid 300k with 50k increments. Ends 24 hours after first bid and 1.2m if you want to insta buy.
  7. S . O: 350k Min bid: 25k Insta: 550k Auction Ending Time: 48 hs after the first bid Accepted Payment(s): Pokedollars CC -> 380k
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  9. Player name: khurshid Server: Gold Timezone: +5.5 Rank on ladder:1
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