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  2. Hello, I have a question, if its possible that you can restore a move on my Infernape. I accidentally forgot it Nasty Plot for Fire Blast. Since unfortunately only Chimchar can learn Nasty Plot, I wanted to ask if it is possible to restore the move Nasty Plot. Else I would have to hunt a new Chimchar x.x Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey @Kiz4ru, unfortunetaly the mail server is currently down due to some issues. Please try it again at a later point.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm really frustrated by now. I had an issue to login to PRO since yesterday. I wanted to check what happened so i logged in to fourm and noticed that my account has changed password because the login didnt work there either. Then i tried to reset my password but when i clicked on reset password, i didnt get a E-Mail on my Adress. Through Reborn-Bot on Discord i saw, that my Account moved to Silver Server but i was in Gold Server before and i never changed anything. The Account really means a lot to me and i spent a lot of time on it the last few months. I hope you guys can help me and we can get my account back. (The Accounts Name was Gehnischzumutta) My Discord Name is gehni#4468 i
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  6. Start 2M, Min bid 500k no insta, accept cc=400k; rr= 700k End: 48 hours after the first bid
  7. Start 2M, Min bid 500k no insta, accept cc=400k; rr= 700k End: 48 hours after the first bid
  8. Start 2M, Min bid 500k no insta, accept cc=400k; rr= 700k End: 48 hours after the first bid
  9. s.o 1m , no insta , min raise 200k , auction ends in 23 hours s
  10. Hey, happiness evolutions are currently bugged if you either denied the evolution at max happiness once or got it to max happiness during the wrong day time for example. To fix the issue for your Buneary you simply need to faint it in a wild battle and heal it in a pokecenter. Then get it to max happiness again (via wild battles for example). Happiness evolutions usually dont require a level-up, they only need to reach max happiness to evolve. If you should still struggle to get to evolve you could try to use a mysterious candy which evolves a pokemon even if its at level 100 as long as you meet the requirements needed for the evolution. You can purchase mysterious candies in all four department stores (Celadon, Goldenrod, Lilycove, Veilstone) for 5k pokedollars, for 2 PvE coins at PvE Coin Masters or for 1 PvP coin at PvP Coin Masters.
  11. my ing: gjintzot discord: Gjin#8710 My old account used to be in VNyoungbuffalo guild I see your guild on the dashboard and I like your logo so I want to be a member of you guys I will try my best to help the guild grow I hope you agree.
  12. you have to start over the timer to 15minutes if someone bids in the last 15min just letting u know
  13. End auction i3dontknow32 win 18m received_885928232310975.webp received_3035089803484758.webp
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