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  2. s.o 100k min bid 50k insta 2m acc cc 380k 24 h after first bid
  3. Let me know when you’re online again.
  4. Kvar


    Greetings, @horace123 @Rayn139 Apologies for the inconvenience. Our servers are currently experiencing issues and our developers are working on them. Please, check the Official PRO Discord to be updated on the latest maintenance and status updates on the servers. Kind regards, Kvar
  5. we have same situation im also beating boss
  6. Nvm it's fixed I am no longer disconnect ty life saver members!!
  7. Hey .. I was doing boss battle between me and medusira ,Eldir the server crashed my connections lost now they say cooldown is 11 days 23 hrs!!!!! I wanna battle them again !!! Because of server crash I wasnt able to battle them... pls fix this
  8. Me too my connection lost while i was boss battling
  9. why i disconnect many times since upgrading
  10. Hey, my name is deita in game and Deita#0246 on discord.
  11. Today
  12. @LifeisNoodles You were punished for misleading and deceiving bidders. It went far beyond than just failing to acknowledge in-game bids. The Gliscor has been transferred to @Marlor from whom 50k were removed and added to @LifeisNoodles. Apologies for the inconvenience. Locked as there's no further action to take and the thread has served its purpose. Take care.
  13. Hello, I would like to clear a question, I would like to know if you can return this pokemon to its pre-evolution krokorok at level 100 even or 99. because I bought it and it evolved unintentionally
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