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  2. **THIS IS STILL IN THE MAKING OF** Hi! Welcome to my boss team lending service Contact : Discord : thiallyon1 / thiallyon1#8904 In game : Thiallon1 / Tiago989 Prices: 12 Hours: 40k 24 Hours: 70k 48 Hours: 130k Payment Methods: Rare candies : 7k Nature reroll : 300k IV reroll : 500k Coin capsule : 400k The Pokémon Previous Notes The Strategy
  3. Congratulations @Raikaisa665 you have won the auction can you contact me My discord is - akagami_shanks_3116
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  5. S.O= 5M Min bid= 200K durations 48 hours after first bid accept pokedollars, cc (400k) no insta
  6. @Isildurr2x yes until the start of event
  7. Yesterday
  8. Starting offer: 150k Min raise: 10k Insta Price: none Accepted Payments: Pokecash / cc = 400k Auction ends in 24hours after first bid
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