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  2. 1.Trainer Card : Attached 2.Country : Sri Lanka 3.Age : 16 4.Gender : Male 5.Favourite Pokemon : Greninja 6.Goals in PRO : Be a good player. Help others as I can and have fun in game. 7.Highest Rating : 155 8.Discord Tag : Deshhirai#3446
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  4. Im having lots of trouble against blackthorn city gym so whats a good pokemon against her? I can get to her last pokemon but can't beat her kingdra.
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  6. Trade concluded (forgot to take screenshot), can be closed
  7. Bonjour, Je m'appelle Nox (Nox#6620) & j'ai 25 ans. Je jouais énormément à Pokemon quand j'étais plus jeune & j'ai voulu m'y remettre, j'ai commencé dans le mois. En ce qui concerne mes objectifs, je m'intéresse à tout, que ce soit la stratégie PvP, à la collection. Je suis un gamer depuis très longtemps, je joue à League of Legends, aux échecs, mais le jeu que j'ai le plus sécher c'est Aion, MMORPG KR (une dizaine d'années). J'aime jouer avec d'autres personnes, parler théorycrafting & aider les autres donc une guilde serait un must have. A la prochaine.
  8. Greetings, I am a big fan of the game and am trying to get back into it with my friend. Only problem is, ive tried downloading again on my android, and it keeps telling me "do you want to install an update to this existing application? Your existing data will not be lost." Even after continuing with that prompt, deleting every trace of PRO i can find on my phone and trying again, and even trying to relocate the file, and still no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated <3
  9. Sure, I will probably not be around in 12 hours but in about 14-15 hours.
  10. Hey, you won the auction. Shall we conclude the trade tomorrow? I will be online in about 12 hours from now. Just pm me if you have time where you would like to meet.
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