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  3. oh no, my bad :(, dc in game ,
  4. Could it be that you failed/left the Dark Realm once while doing the Darkrai quest? If you did, you dont get the IV locked reroll from what I know.
  5. halo, im finish quest darkai , why i dont get lock iv relol ?
  6. Well noted sir, will update as soon as possible once done. Thank you sir!
  7. Start: 1m Insta: 3m raise: 100k Auction ends 48h after the start
  8. i tried to trade my gengar to the player "Nerdj" on Silver Server. Trade was succesfull and the gengar is in his inbox. its region locked however. He can't trade it back for the same reason he can't use it. Screenshot from our talk after the trade it here:
  9. Auction started 15:02 (+3gmt greece time)
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