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  2. @Medu5a I'm online almost any time, pm me just like always psygel name. Thanks
  3. S.o each 10k Min bid 10k No insta 2 day from 1st bid accepted payment cc 400k/ rr 550k
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  5. Is it hard to keep track of time???????? i won.
  6. I need to explain here,I can't see seconds because of forum,Both are bidding at the same minute bids,So I can't tell who made the first bid,so, To be fair, I uploaded all the screenshots,Because one is in the game and I said, one is posted on the forum,If they win in the end, then I need to ask GM for help,So I kept all the screenshots @MbkI remember to bid at least 50K each time, so everything else is qualified I will pay more attention to this kind of thing next time, and write down my idea below, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding
  7. Hello, My name is bloperino, i have the same problem with my haunter, Wadaa can't give it back to me It's on silver
  8. wtb 31 speed timid magic guard alakazam/evo wtb 31 speed jolly metagross/evo Epics preferred but not essential
  9. would take 400k on 31/29 magic guard abra?
  10. Hello, First sorry for the very long awaited response. However, @Cvkrzyk You are wrong in this situation. You didn't factor in the time change for this auction. You have been warned for a Poorly handled auction instead of trade banned due to knowing this can be confusing, @Lebram31 You can find the Garchomp in the last spot of your PC with 2m850k removed from your account. @Shushu1771 You will see 2.8m returned to your account and the Garchomp removed from your PC. @Cvkrzyk You will see the added 50k difference added to your account. Best Regards, MBK
  11. Hey guys!, I've been doing this keldeo quest for about 3-4 hours basically stuck at the nature maze thing . I can't find not 1 lever and.. it's absolutely devastating can anyone please help me?
  12. Hello, I have forced this trade due to the actions of this player. @thegilbert has been punished for False Buying. @Lacomus You can find 250k added to your account and the Alolan-Ninetales removed from your PC. @thegilbert You can find the Alolan-Ninetales in the last spot of your PC with 250k removed from your account. Best Regards, MBK
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