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  2. is it still available? if so then wtb
  3. Sir, I want to tell you that I gave one of my Larvesta and 40k money for exp-service to Strangehearts23, but now his account has been banned. So please , can you will transfer my Larvesta and 40k, back to my account. waiting for your reply.
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  5. Hey guys today i wanna sell my pvpable shiny buneary Start at : 8M Insta : 12M Time : 24h after first bid Accept money,cc (400k),reroll ticket (700k), and rc (6k) Ty for bidding :3 Good luck
  6. Hi , Today I was testing can I release a legend and I pressed yes and lost my heatran can I get it back ? Soooo sry I tried it Waiting for your quick responses Regards, Alikhan111
  7. Hey, I did like to buy these untrained hondege with a Nego! When will you be online
  8. Price:420k or 1cc *if you're from gold, ill gladly transfer
  9. Hi @StarkPr0 Thank you for replying here to let us know the Charmander is with you safely. Regarding the XP, nothing we can help you with there I’m afraid! With that being said this thread will be locked, congratulations on your win again and good luck with levelling!!
  10. Yes i rechecked alot time and it isn't working for me.i
  11. Hi ,Guys I would like to suggest a additional guild pvp system to make pro more interesting and competitive,like About hosting guild pvp tournament in which like every season guilds can enter with 50players or 25 or more or less and there can ge like 6 guilds in singles set qeued against each other on certain criteria like number of members, ratings and total number of playtime of guilmembers(all total) and all the six guilds will fight in bracket and the players who win a pvp match against other guild member will individually get certain new guild currenncy for winning that
  12. Venusaur sold to @Thiha ty^^ P/s :remove Venu from the selling section
  13. Pm me with what you have. My discord it's Dragokraz#7745
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