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  1. I was intending to catch my valentine clefable,but I encountered a nidorina while I talked to the clefable.Then it disapeared after I ran away from the nidorina. So I want to report the bug.
  2. Hi, I have been playing PRO on and off for a while but I am now getting more serious about it. I currently have about 28hrs ig. Looking for any guilds that will take me in and help further my game.
  3. Hi there. I was trying to help someone out by lending them some pokemon, but somehow they were traded instead of lent. The other person said they sent them back to me but this didn't happen – so either the pokemon vanished in transfer or they have been stolen. The first pic shows the pokemon I sent over (Meowth, Stunfisk, Furret, Graveller, Slowpoke), and the second pic shows our conversation and that my level 81 Graveller is not in my party or PC. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done, but thought I'd ask anyway! Thanks in advance.
  4. Im in sinnoh and I think that my game is Bugged Because I cant enter in the hearthrome gym and I do allí event please help me
  5. Hi please see this time bug it's showing please wait from long .since both player has selected their moves
  6. I have mail shiny talonflame mount , togekiss, glaceon mount and magma dress in my 2nd id but mail comes to my 2id but mounts and magma dress are not in mail where is going my mounts and magme dress please check
  7. Mythic Reign is a multi-game discord community, we're fairly new to PRO, welcoming both new & experienced players! Whether you focus on PvE or PvP, you're welcome to join us for some fun times and memorable moments. ✗COMMUNITY BENEFITS✗ Movie/Anime Nights Social-Family Environment Active VC and Text Channels Reborn Bot Commands for Guild Members! Notice on special IRL deals via our Wicked Deals channel. And much much more! WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? As said above, we're welcoming all players as long as they meet our guild requirements, but beyond that, we are looking for a few things. Pertaining to game knowledge - Experienced Players that are willing to guide those newer to the game, and help ensure we're providing our members with the best tools in order to enjoy and excel in game. General - Active players with a positive attitude towards both guild members, and folks in game as well. A social mentality, someone who enjoys interacting with others both in and out of game. Maturity, with a taste for dark humor. 18+ (We may overlook this in certain cases.) Be active in discord/have a mic for discord. Be comfortable conversing in English. Be comfortable with dark humor. Are you on board? Copy and paste the form below, then reply to our thread! If you're accepted, we'll reply and add you through discord. Please make sure you allow others to add you on discord in your settings, otherwise we cannot invite you. Thank you! 1. How old are you? 2. What is your discord ID? 3. Timezone? 4. What other games do you play often if any? 5. What are your total hours spent in PRO?(You may check via your trainer card.) 6. Do you have a mic? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [bGCOLOR=rgb(225, 29, 66)]Guild Leader/Founder: [/bGCOLOR]Teddeyishere [bGCOLOR=rgb(225, 29, 66)]1st Guild Officer:[/bGCOLOR] Gammaknight --------------------------------------------------- (discord staff is separate from guild staff.) Mythic Reign Discord Council (i.e. Administrators) Teddey, Ditto, and Mark4562
  8. I bought the shovel in kanto and could use it to dig through tunnel shortcuts but I've just beat the 1st gym in johto gone through the cave/tunnel to the next town buti can't use the shortcut as it asks me to select a Pokémon that knows dig which I haven't got. Do I need to get further along in the region?
  9. After i get off the ss anne, i cannot enter again. Said sorry, we closed the doors. Come back later. Quest completed before.
  10. Hello ! Sorry to bother i just had a problem with 2 pokes that i lended and never got back. I made a lending trade on 15/01 with a guy named "Cocter" to help him for the story (i don't remember the duration exactly but i waited +30days to be sure). This guy never went online after the expiration of the lend which made it bug. The 2 pokes lended were : - Goodra (ID 26721300) - Arcanine (ID 12424475) i don't have screen either cause i believed in lending process but i now understand i should take one still ^^ Looking forward to your reply :)
  11. It looks like a statue and it acts like one too. Sage boss located at Sprout Tower gives no response upon trying to initiate a battle. Tried relogging in game and tried restarting client, it's all the same.
  12. When interacting with her from the right side, the game freezes. Need to log out and log in again. Multiple instances. Not a one-off. Mac version btw.
  13. I can't use staffview in mobile. I already scroll my screen but the staffview don't appear.
  14. Yeah i mean the title says it all, dont know if it was something i did, a bug or im just dumb .. But all my items, be it in combat or just normally on the backpack stop giving the litle box with the description of the item. Like how when u went to oran berries the box said u taht it heals for 10 hitpoints and stuff like that.
  15. Hello i was entered in bug catching and after 2 seconds i was teleported in canalave pc. I have lost too 20/25k + and npc tell this now. Help please.
  16. I Have Downloaded And Installed The Game In My Lenovo tab andriod 4.4.2 but when i try to play game it opens and just shows black screen after the pokemon revolution symbol pls help ASAP
  17. I only battle one boss. Then after i talk to other boss. It has cooldown saying i already battle in 20 boss battles. My suggestion is remove this limiting boss battle. My friends was annoyed by this limiting the boss battle too. Tbh your making pro die. Most of my rich friends stop donating after this st*pid limiting. Please remove that limiting. And you nerf the rewards? Isnt that enough? Don't make too many boss if you don't want us to battle them all. Thank you.
  18. Hi I wanted to ask how I go to sinnoh as I haven't completed the region yet so I get to Paul in lilycove and after taking to him accepted the quest and was teleported back to oldale but after coming out of the house i can't find anyone so no way to sinnoh. Help me please
  19. For some reason i walked from one area to the other and now im stuck on the loading screen everytime i log in username Gambitx
  20. hi my tornadus got deleted and i tried fighting nikola to get it back but hes not fighting me pls help
  21. Just have fun and join a guild to make the most of the game, without it being to seriously.
  22. Server: Gold Nick: TheLucasGamer, please decreae two lvl for my charmander lvl 99 and its ID 36160406. The server is Gold.
  23. Yesterday i traded with a player for a level up service, added him in friendlist and everything was fine, a few moments later Gold sarver crashed and now i can t find him in friendlist.is there a way to see the last player i traded with?
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