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  1. Can you put the shape of Kyurem back to Xmas?
  2. Hello, I did the Kyurem Quest and got a Problem with the reroll ticket I should get by defeat Kyurem for the first time. I killed Kyurem at the Little lake and talked to Joeys mom but still got no ticket. I hope someone could do something about that because the ticket would really help me (got not that much money ^^). Thank you for your help ~DeschEinRobbe.
  3. I had to merge my account and i did that but i have lost everthing except my coins . Can someone help me please
  4. i got from the newspress qzest 2 arcade gamecoins but i cant spend them (i asked in discord Waleed1301 told me to send a report ) and would like to exchange them for the reroll ticket if its possible ty for your time knuddelteddy :3
  5. I was battling a player in pvp when i got disconnected without a warning. I was winning the battle and i got instantly disconnected. Was this a ddos? or was it a server issue because my internet is working fine
  6. Hi there! I have catched the legendary dog Entei, and I have entered Route 25 Cave with Entei in the first slot of the party; however I'm not still able to fight George in Pewter Jail. Is there anything left I have to do? Thanks beforehand and best regards.
  7. Hola quiero saber si se puede bajar de level a dos pokes que están lvl 100 sin haberlos evolucionado.
  8. Hello, my nick is "tiagokp97" and i tried to evolve my sliggo, almost 10 min ago. I was in the rain, and literraly at the time i dropped my rare candy it stop rainning... Can u please fixe it? Its a really good poke :(
  9. Bro my poke trubish lvl 22 is with my freind Akshit12y who is ban now. How csn i take my poke back
  10. i teach TM earthquake to my diglett and it not registered
  12. Buenas, disculpen las molestias, pero quisiera que me ayudaran con un problema que tengo ya tiempo atrás, no sé por qué mis pokemon se pierden solos.. No sé cuántos pokemon he perdido ya sin darme cuenta, pero la última vez fue un klefki que un día busqué para boss y resultó que ya no lo tenía, así mismo ayer pensaba hacer pvp con un azumarill que tengo tiempo y cuando lo busqué jamás apareció, no sé si es que no regresan del préstamo o qué está pasando, pero no es justo que se me pierdan los pokes así :/ por favor si pueden averiguar algo sobre el tema, si quizá no volvió de algún préstamo.. Esperando su respuesta, muchas gracias de antemano.
  13. Je cherche une guilde francaise je suis quebecois 26 ans jai discord #BlackB0x 8401
  14. A couple minutes ago I got pm'd ingame by the staff member @Logan . He was informing me about an auction I bid on from a couple days ago. Apperantly something went wrong with the time and the bids after mine were not legal. So the pokemon was supposed to be moved to my account while my account loses 600k. I logged of as I was told to until the thread was updated. When I logged in again I lost the money but did not receive the Porygon2. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/146147-url/?do=findComment&comment=802802 Here is the thread with the auction I am talking about. Please let me know if you need further information or something else. Greetings~ Norex
  15. Hello, I went to Lilycove Department Store 4F today to buy the Big Train Ticket (300k). My money got deducted but I don't see it in my bag (Pretty sure I had enough money at the time). Could you check with your tools and help me out? Thank you very much. Sin
  16. Hi what is the procedure to change server also can I do it right now
  17. We are currently the #1 pvp guild in gold server and we are searching for active and good pvpers to join us. February 2020 guildladder Requirements Pvp rating 150+ Have discord Be active in game Not toxic player's Form of applying Name ingame and in real life Your in game ID card. Your age How many rating do you usually reach Your discord. Why you want to join us. Why to join us? 25% xp boost. Access to an exclusive island with (only the top 3 guilds in guildladder have access on that island) 6 move tutors 1 boss Fixed spawns [*]Daily giveaways on our discord server for pokes and items. [*]Access to a big Gama of pvp pokes. [*]Be part of a very nice community.
  18. Greetings! We are Extinction, A mixture of a Competitive and a Vibrant community composed of individuals who shares the same goal: To Polish each other's craft and grow together as a guild. We seek to build a enjoyable community for both PVE and PVP members of our guild, while maintaining a strong competitive aspect. We hail from a different MMO called PokeOne and we seek to expand to this game with hopes to establish a foundation towards our goal of becoming a Ladder guild. There are plenty of benefits for our members to enjoy! PVE Guild Dex Hunting Groups :Guild Events: Hangouts Group pictures PVP Expertise in Teambuilding Showdown & In game Tourneys Extinction Platue WIP Bi-Weekly Sparring Session in game So, You may be wondering, What is so special about joining a newly established guild? To illustrate, a new guild is a like empty canvas, together we will paint our own legacy and establish out footing; eventually becoming an established group. The greatness of a guild is determined by the very foundation of the community also known as, the leaders. There are indeed plenty of established guilds in the community of pro. However, for those seeking a new start, or those who are seeking an active community or a brand new experience with people who are dedicated to the community, then you have found the right place :) Who is your favourite Pokemon? Please Provide a picture of your Trainer card What is your goal in PRO? What would be your greatest strength and why? Do you have discord? How often do you check Discord? are you willing to be active on Guild chat in game and discord? Are you willing to participate in guild events, and be active on discord? ~G O O D L U C K~ As long as the flames never succumb to its primal source Shall our desires continue to blaze through a Tectonic Rage.
  19. here a screen from the bug After defeating all pkmn from BUggsy he isnt count as beaten but on screen u can see he dont have more pkmn but the window doesnt close I was needed to relog but after that I didnt get any rewards from it and the boss was on cd pls help me
  20. Staff could u please deevolve my slowbro to slowpoke i just forgot that it evolve to slowking in slowpoke form. Could anyway u help me?
  21. Hey everyone, Greetings Callusdaddy is recruiting members. so you must be thinking what is profit in our guild ? so lemme tell you profit our guild is PvP focused guild it doesn't means we don't recruit hunters and daycares players we do accept them but one condition they must do atleast 100 ratings at the end of the season. Our guild have a very friendly and helpful staff to help members [spoiler=Profit of hunters]so we want to achieve top 3 in guild ladder so it means you can get guild island a new spawn of bunch of pokes which you can hunt freely [spoiler=Profit of daycare service providers]so if we want to go in top 3 so it means you will get 25% bonus exp which help you to level up pokes easy and can get pokes from your guildmates for daycare too [spoiler=Bonus]we provide loans of money to members and everyone help each others and we provide free boss team lending and provide pokes for pvp We host guild events hunting events and giveaways tooo so feel free to join us Give following information to join guild 1. In game name 2. Post a screen shot of your trainer card 3. Why you want join our guild? 4. Your discord tag 5. How much ratings you can do each season? our discord server - https://discord.gg/eB2py92
  22. Hello there. My pseudo is BabyNefarious. I will try to explain quickly and clearly my problem. I was fighting commander Mars and I think i was going to win the battle but the game crashed. I used memento with my Weezing on his first pokemon (Shuntank), and then spam intimidate to have a great set-up stone for my Gyarados. This dumb strategy worked perfectly and my Gyarados was at +6 in attack and speed with still more than 2/3 of its life due to leftovers and Shuntank being at -5 in attack. Since my set-up was done, I wanted to attack but this is the point when I crashed. I added a picture to prove i was fighting commander Mars, and a picture of my team 20 minutes before this fight. The problem is that I spawned outside of the place where the quest takes place, and to enter this place I must have only 1 pokemon at level 60 or below. For this try, I lost 2 hours at creating this team and learning Gyarados earthquake, crunch and dragon dance + buying some pokeballs to have a good team for this quest was very expensive in money and time. Moreover it was my 3rd try. So what I want to ask you is not to make the quest considered done, but simply to let me enter the area with the team I had during the fight or the team I had 20 minutes before. I am perfectly aware that it is unfair to other players who endured the same kind of things, however one of my friends crashed but stayed in the area and could fight again Mars so I suppose this is the way this quest was meant to work in cases of crashes. If you read so far or try to find a solution to my problem thank you. PS: I don't know if I posted in the good place, if not I am sorry for it and I'll avoid this error in the future.
  23. On route 14 and 13 I encountered a bug that when my pokemon evolved after a trainer battle. The trainer would say what they usually say after a defeat, then this would happen. It happened with my Gyarados, Noctowl, and Poliwag. I would be forced to logout to get out of the window, but i would loose the move that my pokemon could've learned. I hope this gets fixed because its hard for me to play now knowing i could miss out on moves :c
  24. Sorry i don't have proof, But i have a abseil rope. When i go to the hoenn safari area 6 i wanted to get it. When i climb it ask about a pokemon that knows rock climb. When i cancel it. And check my abseil rope. Its there then, i try to climb again. And ask to use rock climb again. I check my bag then its gone. Please help. It happens not long before the maintenance. I have all the tools as my proof. (Except the abseil rope that gone.)
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