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  1. I just bought the 50k 24 hour safari pass but the EV training guy still wants me to buy another one before accessing the EV safari for 2k. If I talk to the guards on the top they give me the option to go to the safari for 2k. I thought I should report this error to you guys so people don't end up buying it twice!
  2. The tutor on the guild island is broken, and not working correctly for instance my porygon2 cant learn trick room https://imgur.com/a/oQhjEgz
  3. Sup, I actually meet a problem on gold server. Last season I played pvp on both servers: one account in Chaos guild on silver. one account in Ascension guild on gold. The problem i encounter is that my gold guild Ascension achieve to be top3, and i don't remember my exact rating on gold but it was like 200+. Then i transfered from Silver to Gold. And... I can't acces the guild island on my gold account sadly. If you could do something, i would be glad ty !
  4. Hi, For some reasons i have lost my gengar (lvl100 31 speed 30 spatk and my ot). Apparently Manunht has it. I think i have lended it to him but i forgot to click on lend while trading. Is there anyway to get it back ? ty for your time! cya https://gyazo.com/d38fdfe77b18eec746e6573613a38b64
  5. My game kicked me out right in front of the second roket grunt and now i cant fight him please fix
  6. My magneton is of 100 lvl how can i evolve it plz help me in this situation
  7. I had given a life orb to a player and now he got banned. Can i please have it back? Player name: Devrajpatri
  8. hi i have a little problem i lvl my snivy to high after i reach 99 i missclicked during the evolution process so i press no instead yes now i have a lvl 99 snivy i hope u can help me by reset the lvl from my snivy to 98 would be great
  9. I have the same points of the clone event. but it says that i dont have enough points
  10. I was doing the search for cresselia, I was in the part that I had to fight against giovanni, I was talking to him until they brought down the server to put the clones, and I can not enter the island anymore, if you can help me seriously great, thanks!
  11. Hi, I talked with Waleed1301 in discord channel and guide me to create this bug. I am trying go to Love island, but the NPC doesnt allow. Ihave 120 kanto pokemon caught and 38 envolved. Ty
  12. I have email from my old account to my new account 2mount shiny talonflame mount and normal togekiss mount email had come to my new account but there is no mounts then I check to my old account but there is also no mount then tell me where is gone my mount I don't know game has take my mounts and now I need my mounts
  13. I have mail from my old account to new account 2 mount shiny talonflame mount and normal togekiss mount and mail had came to my new account but there is no mount then I checked in my old account there is no mount then say me where is my 2 mounts game has take my mounts I need my mounts
  14. Come and Join our friendly Guild, New Guild Called Flexing, Looking for members, weekly events and opportunity for promotion for active members, In order to keep the guild active for long term commitment, Leave a message below if want invite or pm myself or Stiphe In Game :) Have a great day and happy hunting! Discord: http://Https://discord.gg/z8JjGN
  15. İ cant pass route 16 stophouse with bike. How can i pass?
  16. Welcome to the guild callusdaddy (Gold) Looking for PvP players Hey guys the guild callusdaddy created by princekashyap(PvPer) on April 1, 2020. This guild is for PvP players. So, If you are a PvP player and want to join a guild, then join us. We will become better one day. We always try to help our guidmates for free PvP pokes lending service and story help. Carrier Results: April 2020: 5th postion Requirements: 1) Atleast 100 hours playtime. (Not included alternative accounts) 2. Reach atleast 50 rating every season 3. Friendly player 4. Have discord and active on server Feel free to join :) Apply at Discord https://discord.gg/jcgu7DM
  17. I think Focus Sash might be bugged. My pokemon used its Focus Sash to stay alive with 1 HP but when I gave it another Focus Sash to hold for the next battle it didn't activate and it just died. I went to a pokecentre and tried again, and it worked. However, after using a Potion on it and giving it a new Focus Sash to hold, it just died again. I was under the impression that Focus Sashes work 100% of the time so idk why this would be happening if not for a bug.
  18. I already won the last gym in johto, and when I want to surf, my game gets stuck and it doesn't let me do anything or move
  19. Sir, i had a conversation with Novus(staff). Due to the lockdown situation there are 3 members in my house who play pvp. Yesterday novus resetted the rating on 3 accounts and said we could only pvp using 2 accounts. Since these two accounts are primary accounts of two individual players, is it ok if both of them are on the ladder? All our alt accounts have been reset to 1. so i assume its safe to go for ladder because me and my brother have to do pvp from the same system. Thank you
  20. IF YOU THINKING JOINING A GUILD THAT WILL HELP YOU GROWING AS A PLAYER BUT AT THE SAME TIME YOU WANT TO SECURE YOUR PLACE IN THE TOP GUILDS IN GUILDLADDER THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE WELCOME TO WHITESHIELD ACADEMY This guild is basically a second guild that want train pvp players to ladder players or at least decent pvp player's and learn them anything about pvp Requirements Starting pvp now or be already pvp player (although we can help you eith the story we are looking for players that are pvpers so its better to have finished story) Have willingness to become the best of yourself Have patient and willingness to learn play pvp every season (after you join) Have discord Be friendly and not toxic player Why to join us? Here you can have access to a huge gama of pvp pokes and free tips and team building help by some of the best pvpers in gold server and around of this environment you will become the best of your skills. AFTER EVERY SEASON ENDS 3 TOP PLAYERS FROM THE GUILD THAT HAVE REACHED 100r AT LEAST WILL JOIN WHITESHIELD GUILD (Currently #2 on guildladder) Applying here or in Discord Geomine#9311 Form of applying your name in real life The ingame name Your age Why you want to join us How many rating you getting atm in pvp How many ratings do you think you can get in the future every season Describe yourself Describe your pvp style Example your name in real life George The ingame name Geomine Your age 17years old and 8 months old Why you want to join us I want to grow as pvp player and reach my full potential How many rating you getting atm in pvp 150-200 How many ratings do you think you can get in the future every season 400+ Describe yourself Im very smart i like to organise things im very funny and helpful but i also be arrogant sometimes Describe your pvp style I mostly play offensive teams beacouse im looking for fast games i dont like stall
  21. So I was inside the Team Aqua HQ right after getting the mind badge in Johto. I had to leave to heal my pokemon so I went to the nearest dive spot up north. When I got up I noticed I was in Canalave City where I Battled Brandy(Brad?) which allowed me to cross the bridge to get to the nearest Poke Center. I can currently use Sailor Darlow to go to Iron Island. Is this normal behavior for the game?
  22. I was on the road 127(hoenn) and when i went out by using dive that it teleport me to canavale city(sinnoh) and i cant go back to hoenn. If you can bring me back to Mossdeep town.
  23. As I was trying to subdue the Officer at the underground (I had Fresh Water and Buttefree with Sleep Powder) my Butterfree used Bug Bite instead and now the Officer is gone and the Radio Director Gavin won't move, so I'm stuck I suppose.. Is there a chance of fixing this?
  24. Hi, I was on the road 128 underwater (in hoenn) and when i went out by using "dive" that teleport me in sinnoh in canalave city. If you can teleport me in mossdeep town in hoenn. Thank you.
  25. hallo , can i get the rewind for cathing cresellia? i disconected when i fight againts cresllia unfortunaely or maybe any update when the nikola npc work?
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