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Legendry Pokemon ivs problem.

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Hello, I don't think its required there are way more ways to get rerolls already in-game. 

Let me list some incase if you need help

 1. Soleceon Quest (Every 7 day)

2. PvP Coins (150 Coins)

3. PvE Coins (250 Coins) Do able every 14 days 

4. Suspicious Bot (1 every 2 week)

5. Boss at Sinnoh (Can't remeber name, But Heatran Quest completed is one of the requirements)

6. In-game Quest (obtainable only once) 


Rerolls are meant for old players, Its not like just a random newbie come & do. 

After in-game trade are always available. And for old players making kn-game currency is not a big deal.


Just incase, u are grinding all day try these:

1. Bcc (25k each day)

2. Excavations (I make around 2m each week when i used to do that) 

3  Bossing (Add another a million to this)

& many many more.


You jst need to focus a bit more and thats enough, you just need to be punctual thats all it needs.

and, never forget celedon quest & doctor quest for easy money 😂


Good Luck





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