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[Gold Server] Ethereal Recruiting!


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Ethereal is a new hopefully up and coming guild created by two not very sane people, EdwardLZ and NKT.

 Owning a top guild has been one of our goals for the longest time ever. So, when we met the sufficient requirements to create a guild, we immediately decided to create one.

But, There was a problem.  To be the best guild, we need the best members, and that's where we need you. We might not have a lot of members or ratings as of now, but those trivial things could matter later. No matter if you're new or a veteran, we welcome you with open arms.


It is preferable if you are able to speak basic English, they don't have to be good,  just enough to understand. We are recruiting anyone and everyone who wishes to join the guild, so please consider joining, i'm desperate

Guild Benefits
1. We have a functional Discord server for communications, trades, pvps, etc.
2. In-guild contests, events, etc is held in our discord server. More members = more events!
3. we have a pretty sick guild logo.

How to join
You can reply in this forum, /pm EdwardLZ or NKT in game, or contact my Discord, akiraa#8683. It is also preferable if you send your application in our
(click) Discord Server (

Please send your application with the following format:
In-game name (IGN)
Number of hours played

Language(s) spoken

Make sure to tell us when you can be online so we know when to invite you!

We look forward to seeing you!

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Ethereal Guild Recruitment



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