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  1. Happened a lot to me too. Some 100-200 hours guy not knowing anything about pricing and pming you and telling you your Pokemon is trash and worth nothing. And you know what? Of course I sold the Pokemon for the price I wanted. Auction house could indeed help with that.
  2. It is an event Pokemon form. There is many events in PRO. We are actually in summer event, and with that event come quests, new maps and some Pokemon forms. You just have been lucky to find one. There is other forms, like summer Darumaka which is a bit rarer. Congrats! Good game. =3
  3. Madtrainer - Silver Server Volcarona - 700K I did a little mistake. I thought 600K was the starting offer while it is actually the current offer. I edited and added 100K to my last offer to fit with the auction.
  4. Madtrainer - Silver Server Beldum - 2M
  5. Madtrainer - Silver Server Beldum - 1.5M
  6. Madtrainer - Silver Server Beldum - 1M
  7. Madtrainer - Silver Server Ralts - 1.6M
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