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  1. How/where can i obtain a hollow mask?
  2. Returning player looking for fun, lax, and mature guild on Silver Server. 800+ Hours / Discord / 18+ years old.
  3. Thank you for the quick response @Shinohara I am using Windows 10 64-bit. After reading your advice i did a sweep through my files and found a old/copy of a file that got moved somehow to another folder. Deleted everything and re-downloaded and it worked out. Thanks again for the quick support. Have a good day!
  4. Client tired to update. Froze when applying patch so i downloaded new client. I can log in and play, but when i go to a new zone/house, i get a frozen black screen after entering.
  5. Re: Zelkova Kanto Dex Service (Johto & Hoenn will be avaible soon !) - UPDATED <t>Great service! Thank you!</t>
  6. Re: Zelkova Kanto Dex Service (Johto & Hoenn will be avaible soon !) - UPDATED <r><U><s></s>Need pokedex service:<e></e></U><br/> Shellder <br/> Cloyster <br/> Hitmonlee <br/> Jynx <br/> Lapras <br/> Vaporeon <br/> Jolteon <br/> Flareon<br/> Porygon</r>
  7. Re: Akatsuki ☁ {RED SERVER} <t>1.What is your username? | Kurozen<br/> <br/> 2.Do you meet the requirements stated above? | Yes<br/> <br/> 3.Do you vow to place your loyalty upon this guild, even when things go wrong? | Yeah</t>
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