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  1. Am online rn tell me where to come
  2. pls set a time like 3 days for spawns type to change into other type
  3. I was in random in and i did rest but it didn't sleep just healed it's hp , if it's a bug pls do an announcement regarding this on discord
  4. Is your guilds discord open for everyone or just members
  5. Why I can't login it's happening with one of my friend too
  6. 1.5m -2m for scyther donno about luxray since not too many people use it In pvp
  7. If you guys are planning to make them more cheesy And harder why not increase the normal prize we get 27k-35k is literally nothing. A beggar in Vermillion pc earns more than that in 5mins after pming 50 people.
  8. Hello guys!!! Can you guys reduce bosses critical ratio or unban 5 sharp team or make bosses brainless again so mega banette work on them it's literally impossible to do sus bot now. Cuz not everyone is no lifer to waste hours on sus bot if we loose after we got nothing. Also in normal bosses too we set up for like 10 mins and one critical destroy everything thing and so pls do something with bosses You gives and 4x evs and max ivs and choice item and they do whatever moves they want to use is so unfair like if you guys give them brain so atleast make it like pvp that choice item stay with one move or reduce there stats . Today I did 6+ coil and bpass on mega medi +6 accuracy and still missed my hjk and died bosses also getting rng. Literally this game is getting unplayable . Only good for no lifers who have unlimited time to waist and stall the bosses . Pls to something with this new boss system .
  9. After doing a stats boost Attack like swords dance, allow user to see there boosted stats like They do it in pokemon showdown.
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