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  1. I.know.that.sir. we.didnt.use.3rd.programs. Do!not!say!like!that. We aren't idiots sir
  2. However, this has resulted in an increasing number of innocent victims. You can't understand how 2000 hours go by in a day.
  3. Second qustion is right. I dont used illegal programs. And staff always dont give me evidence what illegal program.
  4. Huh!!! I cant trust you. You ban my innocent friends, including me, but how can I trust you? All I'm asking is a list of programs we use that can be banned. And why did you create Ban Appeal? Even if you did a ban appeal, you wouldn't let the ban go because we don't have evidence. I want you guys to think from the player's point of view.
  5. Those who have been unfairly banned cannot take pictures of their hands using the keyboard when catching Pokémon. So we have no way to prove it. Please do your best so that there are no victims.
  6. I have something to suggest. In the past year, I have seen people around me who have been unfairly given bans. I was very sad to see these people and I would like to know the reason why they got a ban. If we open up the programs that cause the ban, we will be able to reduce the damage to players who have been banned for no apparent reason. Please clarify for good players who don't use illegal malicious macros. Thanks for reading.
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