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  1. hi im looking for a pink ralts female timid nature i dont care of ability but with good ivs im paying 2m3 if someone wanna sell it dm me in discord my id is ScorpionSRL#3607
  2. i actually DISAGREED with this idea of making some pokemons exclusive to other servers because you are ruining the experience for the ones who do dexdata services like me so nope i give this a -1 since mayority of people who asked me for this pokes i hunt em and i give it to them cuz i aint gonna be switching servers to get the other ones moving to other servers aint my style
  3. i think the contest is fine but it would be better if more pokemons get added there and an option to add another gen 7 fish like bruxish
  4. last movie what i saw rebuild of evangelion 3.0+1.0
  5. i think paying 5000 to heal now in Cerulean cave is much money now i preffer the old method of paying 1500 or 2500 can you please redo back that pls
  6. Bumping this with another ideas Trainer card edit with how much Artifacts points you have near the PVE coins Ignore about adding klinklang to defense evs just low poliwrath to level 1 so people cannot suffer anymore leveling up slow pokemon like fonguss ferroseed ETC another idea what i got is adding a double ev safari (pokemon what gives 2 evs for example spatk+speed venomoth atk+speed Vibrava
  7. 621dd1 ac12db 109e2a this 3 hex color are my recommendations
  8. i was leveling up this mimikyu but when disguise broke and i hit the slowpoke the mimikyu dindt learn play rough this also happends with pain split while reaching level 50
  9. ScorpionSRL server: silver twitch.tv/scorpionSRL what do i stream: sometimes bosses sometimes daycare and hunting mons and if i get bored i change to other game
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