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  1. i have a problem with thoses bosses, they dont give me money after defeating them, they gave me money only the first time i defeated them, and now they say always "cant give me money because some other player let it empty before" is this a real problem or just a bug for me==?? would you help me Thanks in advance
  2. i was in battle with celebi and the game kicked me out is there any chance that staff members would help me with this one?? please i've been putting a lot of time and work to catch celebi and being kicked out the game while catching its unfair... please help me in this one, thanks in advance
  3. Hello I've been hunting for inkay the whole morning real time, and no inkay appeared, I'm running MS and nothing ...
  4. hello today i was doing some pvp battles, my goodra has sap sipper but when i was attacked by a grass move it only says "it's completely unaffected" but didnt rise attack what suppose to be--- and as i know thats what sap sipper does, being unaffected by grass moves and rise attack....
  5. hello ive spent a full day in diamond domain trying to hunt for flabebe but there are none of them they spawns at night time in the water in diamond domain but none of them show up they tier 8 as i know--- thanks in advance, hope u can check up my post
  6. i dont know if its really a bug but in route 214 i have more encounters of tier 9 hippopotas than tier 7 gligar... because i know tier 9 required a lil time to encounter and it like i encounter 10 hippos and 4 gligars
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