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  1. i have a problem with thoses bosses, they dont give me money after defeating them, they gave me money only the first time i defeated them, and now they say always "cant give me money because some other player let it empty before" is this a real problem or just a bug for me==?? would you help me Thanks in advance
  2. i was in battle with celebi and the game kicked me out is there any chance that staff members would help me with this one?? please i've been putting a lot of time and work to catch celebi and being kicked out the game while catching its unfair... please help me in this one, thanks in advance
  3. hello today i was doing some pvp battles, my goodra has sap sipper but when i was attacked by a grass move it only says "it's completely unaffected" but didnt rise attack what suppose to be--- and as i know thats what sap sipper does, being unaffected by grass moves and rise attack....
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