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  1. Thanks a lot for the explanation. However, i do have one suggestion: Many people complain, that certain pokemon are now much harder to hunt. I would suggest considering not only all the other spawns a pokemon has but also the optimal rarity tier the pokemon could be hunted for before you changed the spawns. Or at least correcting the outliners not to the average of all other spawns, but to the minimum among them. Heracross is a good example. Previously it was catchable at tier 6, now its tier 8 at best. While i do understand, that these tiers are not as meaningful as many players believe, you will for sure agree that it is harder to hunt Heracross after this update. I do understand that you want to eliminate complete outliners, but the fact that it was previously huntable at tier 6 while its now only huntable at tier 8 (and this not even at every time of the day) makes heracross much harder to get. Changing the spawn from 6 to 9 is a bit much in my opinion. If you would change it from 6 to 8, it wouldnt be an outliner anymore while maintaining a better spot than some others as you can hunt heracross at tier 8 all day long. And with an average of 8.5, going to 8 or to 9 was really a close decision in this case.
  2. Gold Server - Shadnic Hey guys, its shadnic from Gold Server (of cause). I have three awesome pokes, never seen godlike ones. First one is a Halloween Froakie. Not a great fighter, but looks really awesome. Second one is the Queen of Snow Teams. Really underrated beautiful PvP-Pokemon. And last but not least: The legendary god of the sea. One of the most impressive Pokemon ever seen. I bet none of the silver guys can get close to this. It`s called Magikarp! Good luck and have fun guys
  3. Hey guys, i lost a match against Christmas Chris today as he was lucky and got 4 crits in a row. What will that mean for me? On discord it was said that "Missing out on these battles is not recommended!". Did i already loose the chance for any big reward like a legendary or some cosmetics? Will i be able to make up for it? What rewards will Chris give out at all? Is there any information about it?
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