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  1. [glow=purple]About![/glow] Stories are supposed to be creative, right? Anyway, so this is an incarnation of multiple other ideas that I have. I decided, since I quit making a version of this story on my YouTube Animation Channel, I would try to incorporate the idea of Pokémon Revolution Online into it as a substitute. I guess a disclaimer is that PRO is strictly just a name for the game in the series. In no way does this relate to the game - how it is or how it will be (basically, it's just an alternate universe). With that being said, I hope you all can enjoy the story for what it is! I wi
  2. Hey y'all! I'm not really new to PRO, but I never really posted on the forums. My m8s and I started playing PRO as soon as the clock ticked 2016 and we love it! In fact, we actually started recording stuff or it but that's another story. Truly am in awe of the game. Although there are things that upset me, I can look past them and marvel at how well the beta is doing. Anyway, just thought I'd say hi! :D
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