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  1. I'd wish that you'd make it possible for everyone to hunt all sorts of Pokemons without any special requirement(s). For example, you can only hunt a Pancham if you have finished the Pinkan Island quest (which requires 250+ hours as the first requirement) There are several other examples. I don't mean to say make it easily catchable, but at least accessible for everyone. You people are doing a wonderful job otherwise, love this game thoroughly!
  2. Game Name- Revelc081 Hours played- 45, although this is my second account and I know how the game works to a great extent, I lost the first one because I played from it long ago and now I can't sign in it for some reason Favourite pokemon- Noviern Discord Name- Revelc#8679 I had already talked to some of your guild members but they didn't have the authority to let me in, hopefully someone does now. I try to give back twice as much as I receive, and simply looking for a wholesome community to enjoy the game with. Also I loooove anime.
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