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  1. Hey, good day. I wanted to ask why I can't send tradable items from my first account to the other? I asked the ingame staff available in the gold server and was told to send a bug report about it so here i am. My sender account is a hoenn champ, while my receipient account is a quadchamp already. Upon trying to sending stuff individually, it turned out that i can't send the toxic orb, macho brace, and eviolite. They are tradable items, so I wondered why I can't send them. May my intention bear positive merit. Thanks for your hard work and good day!
  2. Hey gold trainers! The newly founded guild, LishusDei, is now open for applicants of all generations. We are especially welcoming to new players who require help and tips to be successful in the game. Guild events and rewards system shall be formulated on the guild upon maxing out on it's members. First five applicants shall be delegated to officer positions! Only requirement is to have an active discord account! Interested applicants may leave a commwnt below, send me a dm in discord @FullScythe, or pm me in game! Viva Excellencia! LishusDei all the way!
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