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  1. - W E L C O M E - 'Auction start after first bid'. Finish 12/07 23:00hs Arg time (-3) Payment: nature rr (350k) rr iv (700k) cc (400k) - Lotad S.o: 100k Current offer: 150k Min bid: 50k No insta - Volbeat S.o: 100k Current offer: 250k Min bid: 50k No insta -
  2. .Welcome to my Shop. Prices are negotiables (prices within reasonable range) Payment Methods Coin Capsule = 400k IVs RR = 700k Nature RR = 350k 100k350k 350k 500k 1.2m 250k
  3. WELCOME 'Auction start after first bid' Finish 17/06 23:00hs (-3)Arg. CC:390k IV RR:700k NT RR: 350k C.o 800k by Serkaninc. Min bid:100k Insta 1.5m C.o 800k by Serkaninc. Min bid: 100k Insta: 2m good luck to all..!
  4. Contact with me in game "Rinoc" or show me here.
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