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  1. THAANKS! Do you know what happens if I evolve it? Would it turn to a normal Golduck or Im gonna get christmas Golduck skin? Is this psyduck worth money? Have a nice day! :)
  2. I just catch this Psyduck. Game warning me that I just found a rare Pokemon(like when you found a shiny). Cant find nothing about it on the forum. Its a quest maybe? Atrape a este Psyduck. El juego me aviso que habia encontrado un Pokemon raro como cuando encontras un Shiny. No puedo encontrar informaciĆ³n acerca de el. Alguien sabe algo? Thankss! Saludos!!
  3. Yes, the servers have beeing crashing. But why if I enter to the Safari Zone and pay my last $5000 to get in 20min.. after some random crash from the server I reconnect immediately(15sec) and appeared out from Safari Zone and WITHOUT MY CASH? Im new in this game and already put money on it. I was havng fun, even with some rollebacks.. but take my time and my last $5000 kill the game for me. Its so sad.
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