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  1. So I would be very happy about a German translation. If your offer is still valid. @Senrosia
  2. @Letrix Too bad, then the game is unfortunately not for me. Does not bring me anything if I do not understand and I need a translator every time. I actually put great hope in the game that it also appears in German. I am very disappointed. :(
  3. @Thor @DrowningPsyduck @Leitah @Inspironflex I'm crazy about the game but unfortunately can not understand everything :(
  4. German patch, will it translate into German in the near future? The SPiel in itself looks mega and I would very much like to continue playing, but I'm not the English professional and do not always know what the z. B. NPC's want from me. I would be very happy about a German translation. Greeting, Hibiki
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