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  1. I was thinking for the trade because is op gyarados. But sadly i dont accept trades. I need money. Ty for your offer.
  2. Noted c.o 400k around 6 hours left
  3. Im selling my godly mons because im trying to collect money to buy something expensive. If i anyone make a fair offer i will sell them. Offers here or discord G375341#1206 Ty
  4. Relaxed sold. Adamant 31-31 c.o 1,2m
  5. Noted c.o 531k 16 min left
  6. Relaxed c.o 530k around 21 hours 21 min left
  7. C. O is already 500k for the relaxed scyther
  8. Auction scyther 31/31 started 4:56(3+gtm)48 hours left c.o 1m
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