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  1. I made this suggestion a while ago, and it's also strange that the game still doesn't have a Market. The market is sorely missed, having to keep creating forum threads for auctions, or sending messages in the game's chat. I feel like I'm playing Tibia 7.4. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/135593-suggestions-marketstoragepvp-leaguesecret-basehud/#comment-744510 FLP
  2. Vsync was already activated, I will continue monitoring and try to find something that could perhaps be the trigger for the problem. If I find the cause or a solution I will share it in this topic.
  3. Hello. I have a very strange bug. After playing for a few minutes or sometimes hours. The game starts to get extremely slow and stops responding. This also affects my computer until I restart it. The problem persists even if I close PRO. Strange that I don't have this problem for other games or heavier games like CS2, Escape From Tarkov, etc... I've checked the Windows logs and haven't found any reports that could be useful, so I'll keep monitoring. PC: CPU : AMD Ryzen™ 9 7900X Motherboard : ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO GPU : ROG Strix GeForce RTX® 4090 OC Edition 24GB GDDR6X Cooler : Alphacool Eisbaer 240(Custom) Thermal Paste:Cooler Master Mastergel Maker RAM : 32gb G.SKILL 6000mhz(2x F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR) Power Supply : Corsair HX1000 80 Plus Platinum Modular Case : JONSBO D41 MESH SCREEN BLACK SSD : 870 EVO Samsung V-NAND 500GB (RAID 0) SSD : 870 EVO Samsung V-NAND 500GB (RAID 0) SSD : 870 EVO Samsung V-NAND 500GB (RAID 0) SSD : 870 EVO Samsung V-NAND 500GB (RAID 0) NVMe: Asgard 1tb NVMe: WD SN750 2tb External Storage: Samsung T5 Blue 500gb Backup Cooler: DeepCool Assassin II Windows 11 Monitor : ALIENWARE 27” QHD AW2723DF Monitor 2 : ROG Strix 17" XG17AHP FLP
  4. need edit that on mt. pyre if you back to heal your pokes, you will need to battle again with all trainers. FLP
  5. Hello guys, today i want to share with you some of my ideas to improve this game. Market The first and most important idea for me is about Market(Auction House or Marketplace), i saw in another topic about this already are on process to implementation. But the market need have so many functions. The player need put the pokemon to action like X hours with start price and buy now price. And player can put a bad pokes with a static price. Players need search easy and find this pokes, maybe one seach by name,nature,IV, move ,region and Ability. This market can sell some itens too. is so boring write on chat for long time and when find the seller travel cities to buy one simple rare candy. Pokemon Storage The actual Storage is so confusion. if you want to find one pokemon with X item you cant use the search. Need change the places to put the pokes like tabs on GBA games. To organize like PVP, PVE, Poke Dex, Sell, help noobs,need ev,etc.... And the search function need work better. you need can seach by move,nature,region,item.(and dont write the complete name of pokemon: "Alaka" and your alakazam start to appears) GUI/HUD/Controls Some players play on Smartphones/Tables so the HUD need to have some more great and separated buttons. To Pc version we need a new commands like M to open Map, B to Backpack, etc... Many smartphones do not have a square screen. It is now common for corners to be rounded. so it is very difficult to click buttons positioned at the edges of the screen. Secret Base/House/Farm/Guild House Maybe not so important suggestion, but i think will be so fun to this game. The idea would be that players could rent a Secret Base or houses in the cities, and use as a Poke Center there would be possible to craft some items and plant some berrys. Inside these Houses / Secret Base would have a "chest" where the player could place items / pokemon and give X players permission to open such a chest (good for guilds). If it was possible to decorate the place would be very interesting, the cosmetic shop would be very good for PRO. The Player would also be able to let other players into your home (but without picking up Berrys or tampering with your chest) or blocking out strangers. The venue rent would be a little high, forcing the player not to rent a house and not go to it (and also to prevent inactive players from continuing with their homes.) PVP League I think about one diferent PVP System. One Mounth League, players battle and win and lose points, at final of mouth X players go to next League. and all leagues have rewards. Better Exemple: Newbie players Start on Casual League, if this player finish like in rank 50 he go to next League(Challenger League). If this player get a bad rank he back to Casual League. but if this player get a nice go to next League(Pro League). The actual PVP scares a lot of players. FLP
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