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  1. Hello, been round 3 years i quit, just checkin up How's everyone doing? (old players) Oh and i don't know wtf is gold and silver server, wasn't there just yellow,red and blue ?(hmm) Fadoka,Red,Shane,chappy,arnie, blah blah blah you all alive?
  2. ok since it just started now, i re-offer the 5m again kek
  3. Oi Sommy! Du u kno de wey!? :Cool: nup, bu me still lub u! :kiss:
  4. come to discord <3 ily and imma miiiiiisss u.
  5. [glow=red]*stares*[/glow] Nyaa! Herro pronians! Somi here. As some of you from red server might know that i've quit PRO. Oh ye been 7 months i guess but never felt like posting a cya thread on forums (phuck, honestly i'm just lazy) . Game name is Somes , ex- ART and MAP staff (Foxys), along with pro's alpha and pre-release tester. Anyway so here's an award winning pro biography: So i joined pro pretty much before the game commenced live, actually i was there when we're deciding a name to give this game in our old cute small xat chat xD (Oi OLD NOOBS DO YOU REMEMBER POKEMON FRIENDS
  6. Re: WTT/WTS Shiny Alakazam Synchronize <t>i offer a lvl100 shiny mamoswine</t>
  7. Re: WTT/WTS Shiny Alakazam Synchronize <r><QUOTE author="ImKimsMUM" post_id="450582" time="1507110106" user_id="491255"><s> </e></QUOTE> time left?</r>
  8. Re: WTT/WTS Shiny Alakazam Synchronize <t>can i start with 400k?</t>
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