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  1. Gold server. I was helping my friend Joshyboshy with dex entries and sent a Sinnoh Infernape by mistake. This was region locked for him. If this trade could be reversed whenever possible, i'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance. Attached is a screenshot of the Infernape and a conversatin with Joshyboshy confirming it was not bought/given to him.
  2. Tempo420

    Loki boss

    An idea. Thor boss has 1 in 10 chance of actually being Loki instead. Would transform into Loki upon speaking to Thor and seeing some suspicious dialogue. A team based on the God of mischief like Zoroark for obvious illusion reasons and maybe a blue easter Diancie to look like the Tessaract would be very cool. 3rd time rewards would stack with Thor battles but if you manage to battle Loki on the 3rd time in a streak, greater rewards would be obtainable; like a Loki outfit and a Zorua. With the Loki series dropping in less than 2 weeks, I think this would be a great implementation. I hope others do too!
  3. Map name: Route 113 Pokemon: Bouffalant Reason: Change to all day spawn Other: Most people on this route are repelling for Skarmory anyway. Would make very little difference to anyone besides me, hoping to farm a shiny one
  4. I caught 9 Fletchlings making a total of 0.53%. A crash happened immediatly after I sumbitted the last 4, i was then left on 0.36% with no Fletchings left. Staff in all chat said that it would still count but that hasnt been the case. World quest ended and no ticket. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Why not just add Safari, Dream and Park balls instead?
  6. All opinions respected, thank you for sharing your thoughts
  7. Very valid points you have made Lawyers and I agree the bm does what it says on the tin, 25% h.a is a godsend compared to nothing. But in regular games there are much more effective ways of obtaining a hidden ability thanks to mechanics like chaining and breeding; mechanics that will most likely never be added to PRO. When hunting tier 8 and 9 pokes for weeks on end like I have, it's frustrating when everything else is perfect but the bm failed. I also respect that hidden ability should be rare, but not as rare as it is at the moment when compared to the amount of time and money it would take in a real pokemon game to achieve
  8. Made a suggestion on the forum on this topic too, would appreciate your support
  9. Myself and many other players all agree; black medallion isn't cutting it. Agreeably, 25% with a bm is much better than nothing but it feels like a waste of cash when it fails so often. We have come up with a solution to this; the Platinum medallion. Adds 28-30% extra chance of encountering hidden ability Pokemon and naturally costs more in the in game shop. I hope many other trainers support this post and post their own opinion on the topic. Thanks for reading Tempo420
  10. An 8% rise would be great. At the moment it feels like bms are a waste of money. If they were increased to 28%(33% overall) added it would make it much more worthwhile. Naturally an increase in value of 10 coins would have to happen but I'd be more than happy to pay extra coins for extra %
  11. Was helping with an evo trade and sent as insurance.Apologies for my idiocy, would be very grateful if I could get it back
  12. When the server goes down whilst in battle tower, thankfully trainers are rechallengable but Pokemon are not healed and the npc is unable to heal until beating the trainer. I have wasted hundreds of thousands worth of heals due to server crashes whilst in battle tower and the only solution I can think of is adding a nurse joy to every room just in case of crash. Thanks in advance
  13. Would love to see the npc link outfit come to the in game shop along with a suitable mount (Epona and wolf link mounts) Various other Nintendo/smash characters would make great outfits/mounts too. I'm crazy jealous of Majoras Yoshi mount and would love to see him get the jet skii treatment.
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