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  1. Auction Details: Start Price: 7m End Point: 96 hours (after start price is met) Insta Price: 30m Minimum Raise: 500k Accepted Payments: Pokedollars, Coin Capsules (x1 Coin Capsule = 400k), IV Reroll Tickets (x1 IV Reroll Ticket = 500k) Important Reminders: This is a Cross Server auction. You may bid from any server, and I will transfer to your preferred server upon winning. If you intend to purchase with an alt account, specify the account alongside your bid. If a bid is received in the final 15 minutes of the auction, the end point will be delayed by 15 minutes from that bid, and will be delayed by 15 minutes for each new bid thereafter, until the current offer has been held for a full 15 minutes. Happy Bidding!
  2. @Dfoxy110088 Sure. Send me a DM and I'll log in
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