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  1. Hello, since yesterday I have experienced this error when trying to connect to Silver with my two accounts, but this error always appears, if you could give me a solution I would appreciate it. The problem is only when trying to connect to Silver, since to Gold if it leaves me without problem, although all my progress is in the Silver server. Check if the server was down, but according to discord the server is active.
  2. I appreciate the offer, but i will have quite a loss, so i propose to leave it to you at 380k, i would have a discount of 120k to the original price. I do not know if it seems good to you.
  3. A new sale has been made through a negotiation and a deal between two friends. The sale was for clefairy number 4.
  4. Bagon number 4, Scyther number 1, Shellder number 2, Pinsir number 4 and Ferrothorn number 1 were sold successfully in a negotiation.
  5. Hello, I appreciate the offer, but I would have a somewhat high loss, but I propose to give you all for 930k, you would have 200k of profit, I do not know if you would agree
  6. Croagunk number 1 sold successfully. (Due to an error, I did not capture the transaction, but left a discord capture with the last of the conversation)
  7. I'm sorry but I already got an offer for him in discord, but if the user does not respond within 24 hours, I will be forced to reject their offer and sell it to you I will always keep you informed.
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