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  1. Winner is coronotica with the 1.1m bid, pls msg my discord tag in my signature
  2. @@Haruyukio can we get a trade mod to help force it. It's getting late for me and there hasn't been any contact yet.
  3. c.o 100k Min Raise 50k Insta 800k Auction ends 1:15 am 8/21 hst
  4. Your discord tag doesn't exist, you can msg me at mine in my signature.
  5. Idk like 500k or smth around there. It;s a good muk other than sp def but starting that high just doesn't seem like it would get much traction
  6. Any chance you would start at a lower price as it seems noone is bidding at all?
  7. Auction closed @Timdog won with 400k offer. Message me on discord or in game. Discord tag is in signature
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